Panthera's mission is to ensure the future of wild cats through scientific leadership and global conservation action. 

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Panthera has brought together the world’s leading wild cat experts to direct and implement effective conservation strategies for the world’s largest and most endangered cats: tigers, lions, jaguars and snow leopards. Our approach to wild cat conservation is rooted in science and based upon decades of first hand field experience.

We seek a future in which the world's 38 wild cat species have the necessary and ongoing protection from human and environmental threats to persist and thrive in the wild. Our vision sees endangered wild cat populations rebounded, critical habitats and core populations connected by genetic and biological corridors, and a global commitment to protect these iconic species through near and distant futures.

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Why Protect Wild Cats? Lion cubs resting on a rock at sunset

Why Protect Wild Cats?

Some of the greatest species to ever roam the planet are threatened with extinction.

Panthera focuses on saving wild cat species across the globe because this is a winning strategy for conserving large, functioning ecosystems on which they depend, and  contain thousands of species of plants and animals. Cats act as landscape guardians and their presence indicates healthy, intact ecosystems that are crucial for all life, including people.  While Panthera’s efforts are focused on saving wild cats, the impacts go far beyond.

You Can Make a Difference

Panthera is dedicated to ensuring a future for the wild cats of the world. With our team of experts, we conduct the best possible science, and convert scientific data into effective and relevant conservation action. But we cannot do this alone, and rely on people like you who share in our vision. When you give to Panthera, 100% of your donation goes directly to Panthera’s Conservation and Education Programs, as our fundraising and non-program
costs are covered by Panthera’s Board of Directors.

To learn more about how Panthera is working to save the world’s wild cats please visit the links below. If you have any questions about cat conservation, wish to check a fact, or speak to an expert, please contact: info@panthera.org or + 1 (646) 786-0400.

Letter from the Chairman

Panthera is a special breed of conservation organization. Subscribing fully to Edward R. Murrow's observation that 'difficulty' is the one excuse which history does not accept, our single-minded pursuit is nothing less than to define all the key hurdles facing wild cat conservation globally and, in tandem with our strategic partners, to channel efficiently and quickly the financial and intellectual capital required to meet those challenges comprehensively.

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Q&A with the Chairman

A series of questions and answers with Panthera's Founder and Chairman, Dr. Thomas S. Kaplan.

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