Grants and Prizes

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Leela Haazah,center, works with the Lion Guardian's to train them to protect and monitor wild lions, and mitigate lion conflictA key component of Panthera’s mission is fostering the next generation of cat conservationists. The Kaplan Graduate Awards provide research and project funds for post-graduate students, the Liz Claiborne Art Ortenberg Jaguar Research Grant Program supports conservation efforts throughout the jaguar corridor, the Small Cat Action Fund supports conservation projects on wild felids weighing less than 25 kilograms, and the Friedman Cheetah Conservation Grants Program supports research and conservation efforts on cheetahs in Africa.

Panthera is excited to announce the launch of a new awards program in partnership with the Andrew Sabin Family Foundation. The Sabin Snow Leopard Grants Program, will support in situ conservation projects on snow leopards.

The Kaplan Graduate Award, the LCAO Jaguar Research Grant Program, and the Small Cat Action Fund each have two grant cycles a year. Letters of Interest are generally requested in mid-January and mid-June with deadlines a month from the grant opening date. Panthera has a month to review LOIs, and then invitations for full applications will be sent. The deadline for full applications is usually April and October and decisions are announced before the end of June and December.

All of Panthera’s grant programs are facilitated through an online grant management system, Foundant, through which all LOIs and new and renewal grant applications must be submitted.

To apply and learn more about Panthera's grant programs, please click on the links below:

If you are seeking renewal for a previous grant, please contact us directly.


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Panthera recognizes extraordinary individuals who have dedicated their lives to studying and conserving wild cats and their habitats. The Rabinowitz-Kaplan Next Generation Prize rewards the efforts of young researchers who have already contributed significantly to ensuring a future for wild cats. We are not currently accepting applications for the Rabinowitz-Kaplan Prize.


The Winston Cobb Memorial Fellowship was established by Ramune Cobb under the auspices of Panthera to further wild cat conservation by fostering the professional growth of early career cat conservationists. This annual Fellowship is made to an exceptional early career conservationist to undertake a field-based internship for training and experience in field skills necessary for the conservation of wild cats. The fellowship award is granted to cover all costs of travel and support for fieldwork on an established wild cat conservation project selected by Panthera. The application period for the 2016 Winston Cobb Fellowship will open in January 2016.

To learn more about Winston Cobb Memorial Fellowship and to apply, please click on the link below: