Remove a Snare. Save a Life.

Every year, thousands of wild cats lose their lives, limbs and freedom to snares. Help us save them.

We're thrilled to share that Panthera surpassed our $50,000 'Remove a Snare' campaign fundraising goal to protect wild cats around the world from poachers' snares! Thanks to a generous donor, nearly 50% of this goal was matched dollar for dollar, bringing the total amount raised to $58,000! On behalf of the wild cats of the world, we thank you for your incredible support of this campaign.

A simple wire snare made from barbed wire, tension cables, or bicycle brake wire, can cost less than one dollar to make, but they are deadly for big cats.

In 2012, Panthera launched the 'Remove a Snare' campaign to raise $50,000 to protect the world's wild cats from the threat of deadly snares. Every dollar raised will go to the field to support anti-poaching patrols to remove and prevent the setting of snares.

Whether set by local people hunting for food, or by highly organized and sophisticated poachers, snares are used across Asia and Africa to hunt wildlife because they are cheap, silent, and effective. They either kill animals immediately; more often, a snared animal dies a long, drawn-out painful death due to infection or starvation.

Snares do not discriminate. Anything walking through their path can easily become a victim.

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These victims are often tigers, lions, and leopards. Even if it's not cats being snared, it's their prey – antelope, deer, and wild boar are often the prime target of wire snares. In some areas, snaring is so widespread that wild prey populations have been completely decimated, creating 'empty forests' and leaving cats, and humans, with nothing to eat. In a particularly vicious cycle, cats attracted to snared prey are, in turn, caught and killed.

Panthera is working across Africa and Asia to help remove snares, and to prevent them from being set in the first place. We are doing this in partnership with local governments and park guards, who are the foot soldiers on the ground, patrolling protected areas and removing and preventing threats, such as snares, to big cats.

Help us make a direct impact on the ground.

Remove a snare. Save a life.

Donate to Panthera's Remove a Snare campaign. Thanks to a generous donor, nearly 50% of the donations raised for the 'Remove a Snare' campaign were matched dollar for dollar, doubling the value of your gift and helping Panthera reach our goal of raising $50,000!

  • $50 provides patrols with wire cutters used to remove snares
  • $250 supports the salary of a snare patrol member for 1 month
  • $500 provides a 1 month supply of medicine to treat snare victims
  • $1,000 provides fuel for 4x4 vehicles and motorcycles used by snare patrols to cover rugged terrain for 1 month
  • $2,000 provides equipment for an entire snare patrol team for one month, including fuel for patrol vehicles, food, flashlights, waterproof boots, snakebite kits, medicine to treat snare victims and more.

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Each dollar you give Panthera goes directly to activities that help prevent illegal and unsustainable activities, like setting snares – which have drastic impacts on all wildlife.

Panthera's Remove a Snare campaign featured on Mongabay, "New campaign targets snares in effort to save world's big cats"

Stories of Snare Victims

A Lion Snare Rescue

It's not often we get to share stories of survival or hope - but this one includes a lion and a local community who made the choice to save him.

In a forest in Mozambique's Niassa National Reserve, a young male lion got caught in a poacher's snare that had been set to capture buffalo. With the snare wrapped around its waist, which would have eventually killed him, the lion was left helpless until he was discovered by a local villager.

Normally, this lion would have been easily killed for its skin, which could have sold for 80 USD. However, thanks to local education efforts, including taking villagers to see wild lions in protected reserves, the local community notified Niassa Reserve authorities and staff from the Panthera-supported Niassa Carnivore Project, who quickly sprang to action.

When they reached the lion…

Read the full story of this lion.

Read the snare rescue story of a Sumatran tiger cub.

Read the snare rescue story of a South African leopard.
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