It Takes A Village: One Community’s Efforts to Rescue a Snared Lion

As told by Panthera’s President, Dr. Luke Hunter.

It's not often we get to share stories of survival or hope - but this one includes a lion and a local community who made the choice to save him.

In a forest in Mozambique's Niassa National Reserve, a young male lion got caught in a poacher's snare that had been set to capture buffalo. With the snare wrapped around its waist, which would have eventually killed him, the lion was left helpless until he was discovered by a local villager.

Normally, this lion would have been easily killed for its skin, which could have sold for 80 USD. However, thanks to local education efforts, including taking villagers to see wild lions in protected reserves, the local community notified Niassa Reserve authorities and staff from the Panthera-supported Niassa Carnivore Project, who quickly sprang to action.

When they reached the lion, the snare hadn't yet cut into his skin and field staff were able to remove the snare, treat the lion's injuries and release him away from local villages. Days later, the lion was spotted and had already made a full recovery.

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Watch this lion's rescue due to the efforts of the Niassa Carnivore Project, Niassa National Reserve and the Luwire Concession.

This young lion was very lucky, but countless other big cats, and wildlife around the globe, sadly are not.

Please support actions on the ground to save big cats that include removing and preventing the setting of snares, and working with local communities so they have a vested interest in saving their wildlife too.

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