13 Sep

“Rare Find” Chosen as Name for the ‘Panthera Jaguar’ Coffee Made by Rogers Family Company


Panthera and Rogers Family Company are excited to announce that ‘Rare Find’ was selected as the winning name for the ‘Panthera Jaguar’ coffee blend in the Rogers Family Company's "Organic Coffee Co" brand lineup. Recently, Panthera and Rogers Family Company held a ‘Name the Panthera Jaguar Coffee’ contest on their Facebook pages. Four names submitted by fans were chosen as the finalists, after which a voting period was held. The three runner-ups include “Uproar,” “Spot On,” and “Jaguar Java.” We would like to extend a warm ‘Congratulations’ to all of the winners! Click here for prize details.

Rogers Family Co. will generously donate 20% of all online sales of this new ‘Rare Find’ Panthera coffee to support Panthera's wild cat conservation programs. This new Panthera coffee is a custom blend of shade-grown, organic beans from the highlands of Mexico in Chiapas and the Concordia area of Colombia, regions which are home to the Americas' largest wild cat - the jaguar. Shade-grown coffee plantations in the forests of Central America and Colombia often exist within jaguar habitat. Unfortunately, today many coffee farms are becoming monocultures or full-sun plantations (where they destroy the forest canopy, in order to maximize yield.) Therefore, it was only natural that the socially responsible Rogers Family Company (coffee roasters who sell only fairly traded and shade-grown coffee) join forces with Panthera (the world's leading wild cat conservation organization) to brand a new coffee product whose sales benefit conservation of the jaguar.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest!

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