09 Jul

5 Reasons to Donate Today to Stop the War on Wildlife


This month, Panthera raised $100,000 to help stop the war on wildlife. Join Panthera, stand with the rangers, and protect wildlife by helping us surpass our goal and donating to Panthera’s Anti-Poaching Campaign. Read our '5 Reasons to Donate Today' below to learn how your contribution can help stop the war on wildlife.

1. Double Your Donation for Big Cats

Because we've hit our $100,000 goal one week early, a generous donor has agreed to match up to another $10,000 raised in the next 6 days to help Panthera stop the war on wildlife. Donate now to raise $120,000 by Monday, July 15th, to prevent poaching of big cats and other wildlife around the world.

2. Make a Real Difference for Wildlife

Poaching is one of the most pervasive threats to wildlife around the world. Your donation to Panthera will stop poachers in their tracks by helping to build needed technology, coordinate anti-poaching patrols, train and outfit park rangers, and prevent the setting of snares to help stop the war on wildlife.

3. 100% of Donations Go To the Field

Panthera guarantees that 100% of donations will go directly to the field to support anti-poaching activities and other conservation efforts around the world to save big cats.

4. Help Stop Crime

Wildlife poaching is often linked to other insidious crimes like illegal logging and even human and drug trafficking. Poaching is part of a much larger illegal network, and by combating the trade in wild animals, our efforts can go far beyond.

5. Create a Better World

Can you imagine a world without tigers, lions, and other big cats? Neither can we. By donating to Panthera, you are joining our team of eco-heroes that are fighting to create a better world in which wildlife roam safe and free in their natural habitats, living long into the future. We cannot stop the war on wildlife alone - join us today.

Donate Today to Stop the War on Wildlife

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