22 Apr

Act for Wild Cats on Earth Day


Today is Earth Day - Are you ready to act for wild cats? Read Panthera's 5 wild cat facts and encourage your family & friends to act for wild cats! Consider making a contribution to Panthera on Earth Day as well to support the future of big cats - our planet's ultimate ecosystem guardians. 100% of your donation will go directly to Panthera's field programs, where it matters most, to protect wild cats around the world.

5 Cat Facts to Read and Share on Earth Day


Wild cat habitat encompasses one-third of the Earth's terrestrial surface. Wild cats are the ultimate landscape guardians whose presence indicates healthy ecosystems crucial for all life, including people.


Today, wild cats are facing a wide range of pervasive threats, from poaching for the illegal wildlife trade, conflict with a growing human population, overhunting of prey species by local people and habitat loss and fragmentation.


Panthera is working to protect all 38 wild cat species that roam our planet. This includes the world's largest and some of the most imperiled big cats - tigers, lions, jaguars, snow leopards, leopards, cougars and cheetahs - and the 31 smaller wild cat species.


Panthera's conservation footprint and accomplishments are unparalleled. Since Panthera was founded in 2006, our scientists have conducted over 200 wild cat conservation projects in more than 70 countries.

100% 100% of your donation goes directly to Panthera’s Conservation and Education Programs, as our fundraising and non-program costs are covered by Panthera’s Board of Directors.

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