01 May

The Age: No More Time to Lose for Lions


A new article by Australian newspaper, The Age, entitled ‘No Time to Lose for Lions,’ reports on a Panthera-led study released in January confirming the dire state of the estimated 250 adult lions left in all of West Africa. Featuring an interview with the study’s lead author and Panthera's Lion Program Survey Coordinator Dr. Philip Henschel, the article describes the experiences and efforts behind the six-year survey covering 11 West African countries where lions were presumed to exist in the last two decades, and describes the issues facing not only lions, but the people and governments in West Africa, including pervasive poverty.

Read ‘No Time to Lose for Lions’ to learn how the West African lion is genetically distinct from lions of east and southern Africa, why this makes conservation of lions in the region so critical and what must be done now that we know where to invest resources to save the West African lion.

Read Panthera's press release on this study.

Learn about Panthera’s lion conservation efforts carried out across Africa through Project Leonardo.