25 Oct

Blog Series: “Trekking with Tom” through Tajikistan and India’s Snow Leopard Country

Boy holding goat

This summer, Panthera’s Snow Leopard Program Director, Dr. Tom McCarthy, spent one month travelling through Tajikistan and India – 2 of the 12 snow leopard range states – to gather ecological data on the regions’ snow leopard populations, build Panthera’s partnerships with local conservation organizations and local communities, and identify the key threats currently facing snow leopards as part of Panthera’s range-wide snow leopard conservation program. Tom documented his journey with a high-definition Flip video camera and digital camera, in order to bring you, our supporters, along into the field and share some of the work we are doing to protect snow leopards. We have pieced together Tom’s video clips, photos and stories from the field to bring you a video and photographic blog which we will update daily over the course of the next few weeks.  We invite you to tune in for the “Trekking with Tom” series and follow in Tom’s footsteps as he travels through Tajikistan’s Pamir Mountains and India’s Himalayas in search of the elusive “mountain ghost” and embarks on conservation strategies Panthera must employ to protect this rare and endangered species.

Tom’s journey begins in the Pamir mountain range of Tajikistan – a Central Asian country bordered by Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China. Watch the introductory “Trekking with Tom” video below, with a message from Dr. McCarthy, and click here to flip through our photo gallery from the first leg of Tom’s trip in Tajikistan.

Be sure to check back daily for more exciting blog posts.  Tell us what you think of this expedition on Facebook – www.facebook.com/pantheracats - and we hope you enjoy Trekking with Tom.