26 Jun

Canon’s Short Film, ‘Man and Beast,’ Portrays the Life of Panthera’s CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz


Canon recently released a short film entitled ‘Man and Beast’ that portrays the life of Panthera’s CEO and wild cat expert, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, including why he has devoted his career to saving the world’s wild cats. Produced with a new and technologically advanced Canon Cinema EOS camera, the ten minute beautifully shot film features a powerful depiction of Dr. Rabinowitz’s childhood, during which he was faced with a debilitating stutter and sought solace in speaking to animals, that also had no voice. The film then moves on to portray Dr. Rabinowitz’s young adult life when he dedicated his career to saving and giving a voice to animals.

Watch the film here.

Click here to watch ‘Behind the Scenes’ clips from the making of ‘Man and Beast,’ including comments from Produer Dante Ariola.

Listen to the Moth’s ‘Man and Beast’ podcast to hear Dr. Rabinowitz tell the story of his childhood that inspired this Canon film.

Learn more about Dr. Alan Rabinowitz.