25 Jul

Cat News Article by Panthera Scientist Examines Threat of Roads to India’s Leopards


The leopards of India most often make headlines due to conflict with local people, when leopard habitat abuts or overlaps land occupied by local communities, and also when spotlights are shined on other major threats facing the species, including poaching for the illegal wildlife market, on which their beautiful skins and organs fetch high prices, and loss and fragmentation of leopard habitat. A new Cat News article written by Panthera’s Tiger Program Coordinator, Sanjay Gubbi, however, details a new threat facing the leopards of India’s Karnataka State – the building of roads in leopard habitat and ensuing leopard deaths from accidents with passing motorists. The article cites that in five years, 23 leopards have been killed by accidents on Karnataka’s roads, and explains the need for swift conservation action and examination of how Karnataka’s infrastructure can be designed and realigned with leopards and other wildlife in mind. Read the article, published by the Cat Specialist Group, a component of the Species Survival Commission of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, @ bit.ly/1o1lB8e. Learn about Panthera’s Project Pardus, the first global leopard conservation program, @ bit.ly/WReViN