07 Oct

Conflict Expert, Rafael Hoogesteijn, on the air explaining tracking jaguars on the ground

Jaguar tracks in the sand

Rafael Hoogesteijn, Panthera’s Jaguar-Cattle Conflict Coordinator and Veterinarian based in Brazil, was recently interviewed on Cincinnati’s 91.7 WVXU radio program, along with other researchers, to share strategies Panthera is using to carry out effective jaguar conservation, and discuss some of the common obstacles faced while working in the rain forests and wetlands within jaguar habitat.

Click here to listen to this short interview to learn about how Panthera is employing the help of dogs to find jaguar scat (which provides valuable genetic data), using high-tech GPS collars to monitor jaguar locations and interactions with local communities, and advising cattle ranchers on ways to mitigate human-jaguar conflict, including integrating defensive water buffalo into cattle herds to protect livestock.

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