27 Aug

Dr. Alan Rabinowitz Endorses Sanctuary Asia Magazine’s Tiger Conservation Campaign


Recently, India’s leading wildlife and environmental conservation magazine - Sanctuary Asia Magazine - launched the Leave Me Alone tiger conservation campaign to highlight the state of the species and encourage the citizens of India to participate in public events supporting tiger conservation. Read a public statement from Panthera’s CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, endorsing the campaign below:

“Today, the tiger is facing nearly impossible odds in its fight for survival, assaulted by threats ranging from habitat loss and fragmentation, conflict with local communities, and outrageous levels of poaching for its highly lucrative body parts sold on the illegal wildlife market. India alone is home to nearly half of the fewer than 3,200 wild tigers that remain. This beautiful country and the conservation of its tigers is critical to the future of the species across Asia – a feat that can only be accomplished with the genuine investment of the people of India.

Sanctuary Asia’s Leave me Alone tiger conservation campaign is helping to make this goal a reality. It informs people how they can help reduce and remove the mounting pressures bearing down on tigers, allowing their populations to rebound, and inspiring coordinated, public action in support of the conservation of India’s prized national animal. This campaign serves as a battle cry for India’s people and government to act now, before it’s too late to protect tigers in India, and to give them the space and freedom in the wild to live forever. I am proud to stand with our partner Sanctuary Asia in support of this critical project.”

Click here to join the campaign.

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