31 Dec

Happy New Year from Panthera


On behalf of the world’s wild cats and all of us at Panthera, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

Thanks to your support, in the past year alone, we have been able to:

  • Expand our Tigers Forever Program to 14 of 42 source sites across Asia; grow our Tiger Task Force of tiger and anti-poaching experts; develop new technology to detect and prevent poachers; and document the highest density yet recorded for tigers in Sumatra.
  • Verify the most important pathways for jaguars in 90% of Mesoamerica as part of our Jaguar Corridor Initiative; develop national jaguar conservation plans for Honduras, Costa Rica, Guyana, and Panama; and begin to secure vast sections of continuous jaguar habitat connecting Bolivia and the Brazilian Pantanal.
  • Conclude the most comprehensive study of snow leopards ever undertaken in Mongolia's South Gobi Province; launch a new conflict mitigation program in Tajikistan; partner with Buddhist monasteries on China's Tibetan Plateau to monitor and protect snow leopards; and vaccinate more than 30,000 livestock in Pakistan to reduce mortality in exchange for local people agreeing not to kill snow leopards.
  • Employ Panthera Scouts to protect lions and reduce conflict with herders in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Namibia; stabilize and begin to see growth of a vital lion population in Mozambique; and launch a new anti-poaching initiative to protect lions and curb the bushmeat crisis in Zambia; and
  • Alleviate the illegal hunting of South Africa's leopards with our Furs For Life Program by providing more than 4,500 fake leopard skins to members of the Shembe Church who use real leopard skin capes in religious ceremonies.
  • Panthera's ability to tackle the threats facing wild cats worldwide is made possible by people like you who share in our vision. Please consider making your generous year-end gift today, so we can continue to build on our momentum and expand our projects in the field in 2014.

If you haven't already it's not too late to show your loved ones that you support big cats. Personalize one of over 20 beautiful big cat holiday ecards @ http://bit.ly/1edpEXF.