04 Jun

Litters of Lions: New Photos of Cubs in Zambia


We are thrilled to share that a lion pride monitored by the Kafue Lion Project (KLP) team in Zambia's Kafue National Park has just welcomed at least eight new cubs to their pride! Just days ago, from a safe distance, the KLP team observed three lion cubs with their mothers at a den site, and days later saw what appeared to be five additional cubs at another den site. In addition, the KLP team's scientists believe there could be even more cubs as it appears that five of the six adult lionesses in the pride are lactating.

Click here to see photos of the lion cubs.

The KLP team has monitored this particular pride, and other lions in Kafue National Park, for several years now to determine the current status of lions in the park and the conservation threats facing lions in the greater Kafue ecosystem. The team has determined that this pride consists of 10 adult and sub-adult lions, including six adult lionesses, a sub-adult female,and a coalition of three adult males that took over the pride in 2010 and now hold the pride's territory. Local guides witnessed the three males mating with three females in early January of this year and the KLP scientists believe that these new cubs are the result! As far as the KLP team knows, the cubs are the first to join the pride since the male coalition entered in 2010.

Zambia is one of only seven countries in the entire African continent that is estimated to harbor more than 1,000 wild lions. Therefore, the conservation of Zambia's lions is critical for the overall survival of the lion across Africa. Today, Panthera stands as strong supporter and partner of the Kafue Lion Project to ensure a future for the African lion.

Check back with us for more updates on these cubs in the coming weeks and months.

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