09 Feb

Mosquito Wars: A Day in the Life of a Jaguar Field Scientist


It’s not all cat-fancy working to save big cats in the wild. In fact, our field researchers undergo some pretty harsh conditions – and the wet season in the Pantanal, the world’s largest wetland in Brazil, is no exception. The Pantanal can flood as high as 8 meters during the rainy season (October – April) – conditions in which mosquitoes thrive. But Panthera’s field scientists understand that there’s no off-season for saving cats. Check out this video of Dr. Rafael Hooogesteijn, Panthera’s Jaguar-Cattle Conflict Coordinator, as he battles thousands of the Pantanal’s monster mosquitoes! Lucky for him he’s got that mosquito net on!

But unfortunately, there are field and patrol teams across the globe working to save cats who don’t have the supplies they need to safely and effectively carry out their conservation work. You can help support Panthera’s conservation initiatives by making a donation. 100% of this donation goes to the field.

Your generous donation will support Panthera’s activities including:

  • $25 supplies one snakebite kit for field research and patrol teams
  • $50 supplies rain gear for one member
  • $100 meals for a patrol team protecting cats against poaching
  • $500 for off-road vehicle repair to get around tough terrain