19 Jun

NatGeo Q&A with Panthera’s 2013 Rabinowitz Prize for the Next Generation in Wild Cat Conservation winner, Shivani Bhalla


Panthera’s 2013 Rabinowitz Kaplan Prize for the Next Generation in Wild Cat Conservation winner and lion conservationist, Shivani Bhalla, recently chatted with National Geographic about her work to protect the fewer than 2,000 lions that remain in all of Kenya. Read the Q&A with Shivani, a fourth generation Kenyan, to learn why Kenya’s lions have been declining and how she is working through Ewaso Lions, a community-based conservation organization she founded, to help local people and lions coexist in the Samburu-Isiolo ecosystem of northern Kenya.

Learn about Ewaso Lions’ innovative projects, including Warrior Watch, which harnesses the traditional, protective role of Samburu warriors or morans and trains them to become warriors for wildlife, and Lion Watch, which trains local safari guides to collect ecological data on lions using customized smartphone applications and engages tourists to upload lion photos to the Ewaso Lions database.

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