04 Oct

New Jaguar Jewelry on Panthera’s Online Store


Want to help protect the Americas' largest big cat in style? For a limited time, Panthera is selling two beautiful jaguar paw pendant necklaces on our online store. These necklaces are made in both gold & silver by artist Nathalie Regnier. Click here to order your necklace now and Panthera will receive 40% from sales, thanks to the artist’s generous contribution.

The gold jaguar paw necklace is made in 925 sterling silver and plated in 18k gold. The jaguar paw pendant hangs on a 16 inch chain made of 925 sterling silver that is also plated in 18k gold. The silver jaguar paw necklaces is made in 925 sterling silver, and plated in sterling silver. The jaguar paw pendant hangs on a 16 inch chain.

From the artist, Nathalie Regnier:
As a jewelry artist, all my inspiration for design comes from nature. When I first saw a jaguar track on a sandy path on the Colombian margin of the Orinoco river in Colombia, I was absolutely seduced. It was an overpowering feeling, to see the evidence that the Americas largest wildcat had previously walked this trail. That paw print was a magnificent image and the asymmetry of the track combined with its sight drove me to reproduce it. I hand carved it several times until I achieved its natural asymmetry. I hope you enjoy this token, this symbol, of the jaguar – the Americas' largest wild cat. See more pieces by Nathalie Angier at http://www.nregnier.net/.