19 Jun

The New York Times on Cougar Resurgence in the United States


Last week, The New York Times published an interesting article on the recent resurgence of cougar populations in various regions of the country.

Read the article to learn about the rise and fall of 'America's lion' over the centuries and see comments from Panthera’s Teton Cougar Program Director, Dr. Howard Quigley, on cougar conservation and the role of science in ensuring a future for the species below.

Dr. Howard Quigley
Teton Cougar Program Director, Panthera

"Cougars are an essential and influential part of the systems in which they are allowed to live. They literally make a deer a deer, twitching ears and darting speed. Our responsibility is to continue to bring good science to the understanding of this species, and use that information to get out in front; to work with agencies and NGOs to outreach information in the wave of re-colonization in the Midwest; to manage bighorn sheep and water in a way that reduces cougar predation; and to improve the husbandry of domestic stock so cougars can live on the landscape with people. We know they can. It’s a challenging time for cougars, but we’re working every day to bring good science to the table and make the future brighter...”

Learn about Panthera's work through the Teton Cougar Project to mitigate human-cougar conflict, study cougar population dynamics and behavior using GPS collars, monitor predator-prey relationships and cougars’ interactions with other large predators, including wolves, grizzly bears and black bears, and more.