15 May

Outside Magazine Travels with Panthera’s CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz to Investigate the Tigers of the Sundarbans


Situated in both India and Bangladesh, the Sundarbans is a region uniquely defined by water, home to the largest delta and mangrove forest in the world, and one of the last strongholds for the endangered tiger, now estimated to number fewer than 3,200 in the wild. In this landscape, Outside Magazine recently embarked on an expedition with Panthera’s CEO and renowned tiger scientist, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, to investigate the tigers of the Sundarbans, and this week, the story of this journey has been unveiled in a new article entitled ‘Five Hundred Pounds of Stealth’.

Written by Caroline Alexander, Five Hundred Pounds of Stealth takes readers on a journey with Dr. Rabinowitz as he traverses the Sundarbans rivers and forested islands with a 16-member team under the direction of filmmaker George Butler to document the state of tigers in the region, and bring attention to the species’ plight, for a feature documentary entitled Tiger, Tiger. Describing Dr. Rabinowitz’s decades-long conservation career along the way, the article follows Dr. Rabinowitz as he tracks tigers, and meets with villagers, law enforcement officers and conservationists to understand more about the region, local villagers’ perceptions of tigers, and the unique threats facing the species in this area. Read Five Hundred Pounds of Stealth to learn about the people, culture and landscape of the Sundarbans, what Dr. Rabinowitz determines about Panthera’s support and conservation efforts in the region through the Tigers Forever program, and the hope that remains for the future of the tiger in the Sundarbans.

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