09 Dec

Panthera’s Dr. Howard Quigley, to be Interviewed on Wild about Pets – Friday, Dec. 9, 1pm EST


Panthera’s Executive Director of Jaguar Programs and Teton Cougar Project Director, Dr. Howard Quigley, will be interviewed on the Wild About Pets radio show today at 1 p.m. EST (12 p.m. CDT). Tune in to hear Dr. Quigley discuss fascinating details about the Americas’ two largest cats – the jaguar and the cougar – including where they live, how they survive, reproduce, and interact with other large predators and human communities, and much more. Learn about common misconceptions about jaguars and cougars, the benefits of conserving these big cats, why they come into conflicts with humans, and what Panthera is doing to mitigate these conflicts. Also hear about two National Geographic films – Hunt for the Shadow Cat and American Cougar – which feature Dr. Quigley and Panthera’s jaguar and cougar conservation programs and which will be released starting Sunday, December 11th, as part of Nat Geo WILD’s Big Cat Week.  

Also hear Dr. Quigley discuss the fascinating jaguar conservation work being carried out through Panthera’s Jaguar Corridor Initiative to connect and protect jaguar populations extending from Mexico to Argentina and the community based conservation work being done in Brazil through Panthera’s Pantanal Jaguar Project. Learn about how Panthera is working through the Teton Cougar Project to collar and monitor cougars to understand more about their movements, population dynamics, predator-prey relationships, and their interaction with other large predators, including wolves, grizzly bears and black bears. Hear about Panthera’s California Cougar Project as well, which is working to conserve cougar habitat, educate the California public about the benefits of cougar conservation and mitigate human-cougar conflict.

The Wild About Pets radio show is broadcast nationwide by Talkzone, an Internet talk radio site, and throughout 136 countries around the world. In this interview, Dr. Quigley will be joined by wildlife naturalist, Casey Anderson.

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Be sure to visit the ‘Look while you listen’ web page to see photos of wild cats and Dr. Quigley in the field during the interview.

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