29 Oct

Panthera’s Dr. Howard Quigley Discusses ‘The Fate of the Jaguar’ on National Geographic’s ‘Cat Watch’ Blog


Earlier this week, National Geographic’s ‘Cat Watch’ blog published an informative interview with Panthera's Jaguar Program Executive Director, Dr. Howard Quigley, on ‘The Fate of the Jaguar.’ In this profile of the state and future of the Americas’ largest big cat, Dr. Quigley frankly describes the foundation of Panthera’s Jaguar Corridor Initiative – the largest carnivore conservation program in existence, spanning nearly six million square kilometers, which seeks to ‘connect and protect’ the most core jaguar populations ranging from Mexico to Argentina.

Read the article to learn how Panthera’s scientists are studying the movements and behavior of jaguars using camera traps and other tools, and in effect, allowing these big cats to teach our biologists how to best preserve the species.

Also learn about the region-specific issues affecting jaguars in Latin America, including an ever-expanding livestock industry and overhunting of jaguar prey, and Panthera’s simple but highly effective solutions to combat these threats. Don’t miss Dr. Quigley’s explanation on the prevalence of and science behind melanistic jaguars (often referred to as ‘black panthers’), how you can help protect this species and more.