19 Oct

Panthera’s Leopard Conservation Work Featured in South African Newspapers - ‘The Mercury’ and ‘BusinessDay’


A South African newspaper, The Mercury, has just released an article on the work of Panthera Leopard Program Coordinator, Tristan Dickerson, to create a faux leopard skin that he will soon present to members of South Africa’s Shembe Baptist Church, which has adopted the Zulu practice of wearing spotted cat fur (mainly leopard) during religious celebrations.  In the article, Dickerson explained that, “The leopard population simply cannot sustain this level of pressure and we began to investigate out-of-the-box solutions… to protect the leopard population and also respect traditional and cultural practices…The intention is to offer the church a large share in the system. We would like them to buy into the business and encourage members to wear these faux skins.”

 Learn more about the case mentioned in The Mercury article that involved the confiscation of over 90 leopard skins at a pelt trader’s home in South Africa in the Mail & Guardian and in Panthera’s Newsletter.

Also be sure to check out yesterday’s article, released in South Africa’s BusinessDay newspaper, on Tristan’s work with digital designers and clothing companies to create a high-quality and affordable faux leopard skin.

Learn more about Panthera’s South Africa-based Munyawana Leopard Project.

See videos and photos from the Shembe religious gatherings that Tristan has attended over the past year to investigate the use of real and faux leopard skins.

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