22 Nov

Panthera and Partners Bring Home Awards from the 2013 BBC Wildlife Magazine’s Camera Trap Photo of the Year Contest


We are thrilled to share that Panthera and our partners have brought home a number of awards from the 2013 BBC Wildlife Magazine’s Camera Trap Photo of the Year Contest. The photo above showing a snow leopard scent-marking against a rock in the snow on the Tibetan Plateau was chosen as the winner in the Animal Behavior category. Another snow leopard photo (below) taken as part of Panthera’s and our partners’ conservation efforts in China was commended in the Animal Portraits category. Both photos were taken with a camera trap set by Juan Li of Peking University, in collaboration with Shan Shui, Panthera and the Snow Leopard Trust. Learn more about Panthera’s Snow Leopard Conservation Program and work in China.

Moving from China to the U.S., a photograph of a wild cougar taken through Panthera’s Teton Cougar Project also won Runner-Up in the Animal Behavior category, featured below. This adult female cougar, known by Panthera’s scientists as F61, was photographed feeding on a moose calf in Bridger-Teton National Forest, in July of this year.

Through this project, Panthera’s scientists are working to understand whether cougars specialize or select to prey on moose (in other words consume them in greater numbers than expected based on their availability). Today, moose are in decline in and around Grand Teton National Park.

From photos like this and the use of GPS collars, our scientists have learned that F61 primarily eats mule deer in summer and elk in the winter. F61 has also raised two sets of kittens since we began tracking her, one of which was killed by wolves earlier this year. Our team also learned that last year, F61 adopted a kitten of another female with which she shared kills (completely new behavior!).

Learn more about Panthera’s Teton Cougar Project.

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