02 Mar

Panthera Film My Pantanal Accepted to Wild Talk Africa & Newport Beach Film Festivals


The Panthera-produced film, My Pantanal,has recently been accepted into two prestigious Film Festivals – the Wild Talk Africa Film Festival and Conference to be held March 28th-31st in Cape Town, South Africa and the Newport Beach Film Festival to be held from April 28th - May 5th in Newport Beach, California.

‘My Pantanal’ is a film about a boy named Aerenilso, who lives on a fazenda (ranch) in the Pantanal, the world’s largest and wildest wetland, in Brazil. Aerenilso shows us what it is like to be a Pantaneiro (a cowboy), riding his horse, doing his chores, and exploring this incredible landscape that is teeming with wildlife, including the jaguar. We hear and see the issues through his viewpoint – the pride of being a Pantaneiro, the concern of leaving the place, his love of the landscape, how he’s an explorer, and how he’s mesmerized by the beautiful and almost mythical jaguar. Sadly, jaguars have been hunted by people but Aerenilso’s ranch is different. He lives on a conservation ranch where the cowboys and Panthera's scientists are working together to show that ranching and jaguars can coexist in this magical place.

My Pantanal is the first film project fully produced by Panthera, and is part of our conservation media efforts. Panthera aims to create cost effective, relevant, and inspired media that is rooted in conservation for local, and for wider, audiences. Along with the Wild Talk Africa and Newport Beach Film Festivals, My Pantanal has been recognized at numerous other film festivals, including Artivist, Filmanthropy and the Hamptons Conservation and Wildlife Film Festivals, and was an official selection at the Kids First! Film and Video Festival. This short film is also being produced in Portuguese so it can target its primary audience, people living in the Pantanal with jaguars.

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