20 Oct

Panthera Kaplan Scholar Featured in Mongabay’s ‘Interviews with Young Scientists’ Series


Panthera Kaplan Scholar, Laila Bahaa-el-din, was recently interviewed by Mongabay for their ‘Interviews with Young Scientists’ series. The interview, entitled ‘Illuminating Africa’s Most Obscure Cat,’ touches on Laila’s research of the African golden cat in Gabon, through which she is working to gain a better understanding of how African golden cats are affected by different levels of human activity, such as logging and hunting, which are prevalent across forested Africa. The interview also discusses the status of the African golden cat and its primary threats, and the first known footage of a wild, African golden cat that was recently taken with Laila’s well-placed camera traps, and featured on CNN, Reuters, National Geographic, and Mongabay.

Read the interview to learn about Laila’s background in wildlife conservation, why her interest is focused on the African golden cat, her advice for students interested in studying little-known species like the African golden cat, and more.

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