20 May

Panthera Names Our Newest Junior Ambassador

Panthera Junior Ambassador

Panthera has recently named our newest Junior Ambassador – a seven year old from White Plains, New York named Grace, who is dedicating her creative talents to wild cat conservation. According to her mom, Grace’s fascination with the natural world started when she was just 3 or 4 years old when she insisted on saving every bug that fell into their pool. An afternoon of splashing around with her twin brother quickly turned into a massive rescue mission, with Grace trying to airlift every six-legged victim to safety.

About a year ago, Grace turned her attention to larger species when she was awestruck by a nature special on TV about tigers. After the narrator stated that three subspecies of tiger have gone extinct in the last 80 years, Grace’s eyes welled with tears as she turned to her mother and asked, “like the dinosaurs?” Incredulous at the thought of losing more tigers, Grace decided to act. A combination of advocacy and bake sales quickly followed, and at a special fundraising party organized by Grace’s mom, Animal Embassy’s Chris Evers introduced Grace and her classmates to Panthera and our work to save tigers.

Grace’s collected contributions are enough to place 5 camera traps in one of the landscapes in which Panthera is working to protect and monitor tigers. Camera trapping helps us survey tiger populations so that we can ensure that our efforts on the ground are increasing tiger numbers, and truly making an impact.

In addition, Grace wrote the following lovely poem, titled ‘Tigers Forever and Ever,’ to express her love of nature and concern for the state of the world’s wild tigers –

Tigers Forever and Ever

Why are we treating tigers this way?
So that there are fewer than from other days
We are stuck in a nature and technology maze
Follow nature it knows better ways
So keep nature alive for all of your days

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