16 Oct

Panthera Partners with ROYALE to Support Wild Tiger Conservation


We are excited to share that Panthera has recently partnered with ROYALE, a Canadian household paper brand, to support wild tiger conservation through Save the Tiger Fund. Through this collaboration, ROYALE will contribute $40,000 to support Panthera’s on the ground conservation efforts across tiger range, and work with Panthera to raise awareness about the state of the tiger in and beyond Canada.

The announcement of this significant partnership comes just as ROYALE has rolled out its latest paper product – a multipurpose paper towel known as ‘Tiger Towels’. Gary MacIntosh, Director of Marketing for ROYALE Canada, explained, "We are extremely proud to announce our new partnership with PANTHERA through Save the Tiger Fund, which lets us directly contribute to the preservation of tigers and their habitats worldwide. During our research, as we developed the Tiger Towel concept, we were shocked to learn that tigers are now an endangered species. Given the majestic beauty of our new brand ambassador, we felt a responsibility to ensure future generations will grow up in a world with tigers. We hope this partnership helps raise awareness and interest for tiger conservation among Canadians."

Panthera’s Vice President, Andrea Heydlauff, continued, “Right now, there are fewer than 3,200 tigers remaining in the wild. One of the world's most iconic species is near extinction because of rampant poaching for the illegal wildlife market. Panthera and our partners are working tirelessly in the field to stop tiger poaching, and protect their prey and habitats across Asia, so these animals can live in the wild forever. Tiger conservation is a global issue and what tigers need to survive is for the world to care. This is why we are delighted to have ROYALE on board to help raise awareness and support of our programs in Canada and beyond to ensure a future for wild tigers."

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