27 Dec

Panthera’s CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz Discusses Saving Tigers in The New York Times Green Blog


Panthera’s CEO and renowned tiger scientist, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, was recently interviewed for The New York Times Green blog article, ‘Protected Tigers, Burning Bright,' to share his opinions on the current state of tigers and one of the most critical, proven elements required to protect and grow the last remaining tiger populations across Asia – the interest and investment of governments.

In the article, Dr. Rabinowitz explains, “The underlying factor in the few successes we’ve seen is when the government takes a real interest. An N.G.O. can’t accomplish this alone — the government really has to step up and put in its own law enforcement resources.” He continues, “Things are not good in the tiger world, but they’re better than they were. Some tigers are going to blink out, but there’s still a lot of hope for saving them in some really wild areas.”

Read the article to learn what Dr. Rabinowitz has to say about the future of the tiger, and read about new hope offered by the slight recovery of tiger numbers in parts of India and Thailand. Learn about the crucial factors that have helped tiger populations increase in these areas and the 42 identified tiger ‘source sites’ where conservation efforts are currently being implemented.

Read a message from Dr. Rabinowitz posted on The New York Times Green blog in September – ‘Turning the Tide for Tigers’ – to learn more about the most recent findings on tiger populations, conservation strategies, milestones and challenges, and what is needed on the ground, now, to save tigers.

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