13 Nov

Press Release: Panthera and National Geographic Release New Book– Tigers Forever: Saving The World's Most Endangered Big Cat


New York, NY – Panthera and National Geographic have released the new and anticipated book - Tigers Forever: Saving the World’s Most Endangered Big Cat.

Spanning the 224-page hard cover book are 150 stunning photographs by Panthera’s Media Director and National Geographic award-winning photographer, Steve Winter, illustrating the story of the tiger’s fight for survival, and Panthera's solution to save the species from extinction – the Tigers Forever program.

Tigers Forever takes readers on a journey across four countries in Asia, including Myanmar, India, Sumatra and Thailand, sharing captivating images of the fewer than 3,200 wild tigers that remain, the pervasive threats facing the species, the picturesque landscapes, and other wildlife and people with which tigers share their homes.

Serving as a beautiful testament to the most iconic of cats, Steve Winter’s incredible photographs and Sharon Guynup’s insightful prose plot the history of the species – a powerful force present within centuries of human folklore, art, and culture; share field stories; describe tiger behavior; and detail the species’ precipitous decline due to rampant poaching, habitat loss and fragmentation, conflict with humans and overhunting of its prey species. Also interwoven among the book’s images are the powerful stories of the scientists, park guards, conservationists - the true conservation heroes – who are working on the ground to ensure a future for the tiger.

Highlighted within this group of conservationists are the co-creators of Panthera’s Tigers Forever program, CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz and founding Board Member J. Michael Cline, who introduce the book with candid descriptions of the failed history of tiger conservation to date, the challenges that remain, and the hope that shines through for the future of the species with new and improved concerted conservation efforts, including the Tigers Forever program. Known as one of the founding fathers of wildlife conservation, Panthera’s Vice President, Dr. George Schaller, additionally shares anecdotes from his first-ever scientific study of the tiger and an authoritative prescription for what we all must do as members of the Earth’s “ecological community” to secure a future for the species.

Launched in 2006 after decades of continuing tiger declines, Panthera’s Tigers Forever program aims to increase tiger numbers by 50% in key sites throughout Asia over a ten year period. Today, Panthera is collaborating with a growing suite of partners to aim a blowtorch at the most immediate threats facing the species: poaching of tigers and their prey. Now present in 13 Tiger Conservation Landscapes that contain 30% of the world’s most critical breeding populations, the Tigers Forever program is changing the face of tiger conservation, with a strong focus on law enforcement activities in and around protected areas, and consistent measuring and monitoring of tiger populations.

Fittingly, a portion of proceeds from the sale of this book will go directly to the field to support Panthera’s Tigers Forever program.

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