29 Jun

Remembering Africa Proceeds Benefit Panthera’s Wild Cat Conservation Programs

Remembering Africa

We are excited to share that for a limited time a portion of proceeds from the sale of Robert Vavra’s most recent book, Remembering Africa, will be donated to Panthera to support our global wild cat conservation projects.  For the next several months, Panthera will receive 15% of proceeds from the sale of this book and customers will receive a 10% discount when they enter the code PANTHERA at checkout. 100% of contributions made from the sale of Remembering Africa will go directly to the field where it matters most.

Remembering Africa is the latest book by author and photographer Robert Vavra that captures and celebrates the magnificence of Africa’s immense landscapes and iconic wildlife. The 624 page coffee table book features over 160 pages of unpublished photographs taken in Africa, and includes stories told around the African campfire and interviews on Africa with the world's leading conservationists, explorers, historical figures, and literary giants. Among the individuals interviewed was Panthera Vice President Dr. George Schaller – one of the founding fathers of the wildlife conservation field and a veteran of Africa who led the world’s first seminal study on lions in Serengeti National Park in the late 1960s.  Remembering Africa also features interviews with Jane Goodall, Peter Beard, Mary Leakey, Paul Theroux, and other fascinating individuals.  

Help Panthera protect the wild cats of Africa and others around the world to ensure that these incredible wildlife do not one day become distant memories.

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Additional Information

Purchase The Serengeti Lion: A Study of Predator Prey Relations to read about the culmination of Dr. George Schaller’s seminal study on lion behavior, including the lion’s social system, population dynamics, hunting behavior and predation patterns.

View images taken by Dr. Schaller during this study.