23 Aug

Save the Tiger Fund-Panthera Fall 2011 Grant Round Open


Panthera has just opened the Fall 2011 intake round for the Save the Tiger Fund-Panthera grant program and is encouraging all appropriate candidates to apply now through September 30th.  Last month, Panthera and Save the Tiger Fund announced their partnership in the fight to save wild tigers, and through this union have committed to leverage resources & co-fund tiger conservation projects that adhere to a comprehensive tiger conservation protocol (Rabinowitz, 2009) that reflects the Tigers Forever philosophy.  This philosophy maintains a razor-sharp focus on securing the most significant, breeding wild tiger populations by effectively mitigating the key threats they face and proving conservation success through scientific measurement and monitoring. 

Today, poaching for the illegal wildlife market is the predominant threat facing tigers, along with a lack of wild prey due to overhunting by humans and habitat loss as a result of human encroachment on tiger habitat.  Scientists estimate that as a result of these threats, fewer than 3,200 wild tigers at best exist throughout their range in Asia.  Through our partnership, Save the Tiger Fund and Panthera will support leading tiger conservationists utilize best practices and proven strategies to to help secure a future for wild tigers.

Interested applicants should visit the STF-Panthera Grant Program page for application forms and further information about grant requirements.

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