20 Sep

Smithsonian: ‘The Jaguar Freeway’


Smithsonian Magazine has just released its October edition featuring Panthera’s Jaguar Corridor Initiative and Pantanal Jaguar Project in the magazine’s cover story, ‘The Jaguar Freeway.’ Written by Sharon Guynup, this article paints a beautiful picture of the incredible flora and fauna of the Brazilian Pantanal - home to the world’s highest density of jaguars - and discusses Panthera’s work to protect this iconic wild cat. Learn how the jaguar has been woven into Central and South American cultures and religions for centuries, its survival through the 1960s/70s global jaguar pelt trade, and how it is being protected with the help of scientists like Panthera CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, who helped create the world’s first jaguar reserve – the Belizean Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Reserve – and initiated the Jaguar Corridor. Read about the innovative techniques Panthera is implementing on conservation ranches to mitigate human-jaguar conflicts, including the use of territorial water buffalos to protect local livestock from jaguar attacks, and the local economic benefits of jaguar tourism throughout Latin America. Also learn about Panthera’s work with Latin American governments to ensure that jaguars can move through landscapes via the Corridor linking core jaguar populations from northern Argentina to Mexico, ensuring the genetic integrity of the species.

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