31 Jul

Support Wildlife Guardians on World Ranger Day


Today marks World Ranger Day – one day of the year when the international community comes together to honor and support those men and women working on the ground around the world to protect wildlife, including wild cats, from their most pressing threats, including poaching for the illegal wildlife trade, retributive hunting due to conflict with local people, habitat loss and fragmentation and more. Join with Panthera in supporting our planet’s wildlife guardians by posting one of our Wildlife Ranger Badges to your Facebook wall! View and download our selection here.

Learn more about wildlife guardians and rangers below:

- Read an article by Panthera’s Vice President, Andrea Heydlauff, on The Huffington Post - Conservation's Unsung Heroes: The Best Story's Never Told

- Read Panthera’s Press Release – Indian Park Guards Protecting Wildlife Awarded Their Own Protection

- Read stories of some of the heroes working on the frontlines to protect wildlife through Panthera’s Anti-Poaching Campaign and Remove a Snare Campaign.