10 Jun

Time to Pre-Order Your Tigers Forever Book


Panthera is excited to share that pre-order sales have begun for the new National Geographic book, Tigers Forever: Saving the World's Most Endangered Big Cat, by Panthera’s Media Director and National Geographic photographer, Steve Winter.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of this gorgeous book will go to Panthera’s Tigers Forever program, to help ensure the survival of the species long into the future.

Illustrating the story of the fight to protect and grow the last 3,200 wild tigers, this captivating book features over 100 beautiful photographs of wild tigers, threats facing the species, anti-poaching patrols, and the landscapes and people of India, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia that share their homes with this iconic species. Paired with these images are the stories, written by Winter and co-authored by environmental journalist, Sharon Guynup, about tigers, and Panthera’s scientists, partners and others working on the ground across Asia.

Fittingly, the co-creators of Panthera’s Tigers Forever program, CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz and founding Board Member J. Michael Cline, introduce the book. Candidly outlining the failed history of tiger conservation pre-launch of Tigers Forever in 2006, Cline describes the aggressive collaboration made between leaders in conservation and business, like himself, to create a new model of tiger conservation with Tigers Forever - a goal and metrics based program based on measuring success. Dr. Rabinowitz emphasizes what’s at stake with trying to save tigers, predominantly because of rampant poaching to feed a voracious black market trade for skins, bones and other tiger parts. Rabinowitz conveys, however, that hope remains, and lies in the targeted efforts of governments, conservationists, and local communities, and with clear conservation strategies like Tigers Forever.

Another highly-valued voice for wildlife, Panthera’s Vice President, Dr. George Schaller, provides a poignant foreword, sharing beautiful anecdotes from his observations of wild tigers, including the first-ever scientific study of the tiger “at a time in the early 1960s when others studied the species mainly along the sights of a rifle.” As one of the founding fathers of wildlife conservation, Schaller outlines an authoritative prescription for what we all must do as members of the Earth’s “ecological community” to secure a future for the tiger.

Winter explains why he spent a decade photographing tigers to produce this book, “I hope with these pictures I’m able to share images…that capture this animal’s stunning beauty and habits—and tell the story of why its existence is so precarious. I hope these pictures inspire you to act, to do something to help save tigers.”

Shipments of the hard-cover, 224 page Tigers Forever book begin in November.

Photographing from elephant back, setting remote cameras in forests frequented by tigers, and visiting communities throughout Asia, Winter has spent decades capturing the beauty of Asia’s wildlife and wild places – and the battle between those seeking to destroy and preserve them. Learn more about Panthera’s Media Director, Steve Winter.

Tigers Forever co-author, Sharon Guynup, writes on science, wildlife conservation, and environmental issues. Her work has appeared in publications including Smithsonian, Scientific American, The Huffington Post, The Boston Globe, BBC Wildlife, and Audubon. Guynup launched The State of the Wild book series analyzing the status of the world’s wildlife and wild lands, published by Island Press.

Learn more about the Tigers Forever book.