27 Jun

Wall Street Journal Reports on Panthera Board Member’s Fight to Save Wild Tigers Through Developing New Camera Trap Model


Panthera's Board Member has been featured in The Wall Street Journal article J. Michael Cline's Passion For Conserving Wild Cats for his exceptional contributions to tiger conservation.  Besides being on Panthera's Board, Michael Cline is also a co-founder of the Tigers Forever program. Cline’s latest efforts have focused on the development and deployment of Panthera’s new and advanced camera trap model. This model consists of an energy-efficient, digital camera that snaps photos of passing wildlife in just three-tenths of a second. Given that wild tigers are very elusive and increasingly rare, these camera traps serve as a particularly valuable research tool that allow Panthera’s scientists to identify individual tigers using their unique stripe patterns and learn more about the abundance, movements and behaviors of these endangered big cats, and the presence of their prey. 

Panthera began distributing these camera traps to our conservation project sites last December, and our wild cat scientists have already begun to gather critical and unexpected data using the enhanced camera trap photos.  As an example, in April one of Panthera’s camera traps snapped remarkably clear photos of poachers in India’s Orang National Park, which later led to the poachers’ identification and arrest.  Read the full story here.

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