28 Mar

What’s Worth It Lifestyle Review Website Features Panthera as 'Worthy' Charity


Panthera is proud to have been recently featured as a worthy charity and endeavor by the lifestyle review website, What's Worth It. In a recent post, What's Worth It. profiled Panthera’s wild cat conservation work, highlighting why Panthera is different from other organizations, how Panthera helps the future of wild cats around the world and how YOU can get involved in Panthera’s cause.

Read what Panthera’s Vice President, Andrea Heydlauff, had to say in an interview with What’s Worth It founder, Suzanne Aaronson:

“Panthera is worth it because, thanks to our Chairman who covers all of our administrative costs, 100% of your donation goes directly to the field where it matters most - to preserving some of the most gorgeous creatures that have roamed the planet, and ensuring that wild places continue to exist, long into the future.”

“So many people are unaware of what is happening across Asia, Africa and Latin America. Fewer than 3,200 tigers remain in the wild in Asia; and lions who once numbered more than 200,000 are down to fewer than 30,000 in Africa. These animals are disappearing from being hunted for the illegal wildlife market which is a $20 billion a year industry. But the good news is we know what is killing these cats, it’s not a mystery. And we know what these cats need to survive: effective enforcement, well-trained and incentivized people patrolling key areas protecting wildlife from poachers; smart planning by governments to meet human needs like roads, damns, agriculture, while taking into account the needs of wildlife; and the foresight and desire to preserve and maintain healthy ecosystems, that bring so many benefits to both the animals, and the people, who need them.”

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