The Roar Report

29 Aug

Snow Leopard on the “Roof of the World” Wins Photo Contest


The Pamir mountains of Tajikistan have been known since Victorian times as the “Roof of the World”. Epitomizing that image, the snow leopard in this camera trap photo surveys his realm from the lofty peaks of the Pamirs. It was enough to catch the eye of voters in the camera trap photo contest, where the picture won Shannon Kachel 1st place in the International category. Today, Shannon studies as a graduate student at the University of Delaware and leads a Panthera-funded study of snow leopards and trophy hunting of their prey in the Pamirs. Congratulations Shannon!

27 Aug

Dr. Alan Rabinowitz Endorses Sanctuary Asia Magazine’s Tiger Conservation Campaign


Recently, India’s leading wildlife and environmental conservation magazine - Sanctuary Asia Magazine - launched the Leave Me Alone tiger conservation campaign to highlight the state of the species and encourage the citizens of India to participate in public events supporting tiger conservation. Read a public statement from Panthera’s CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, endorsing the campaign below:

20 Aug

Cockscomb Basin: Where the Big Cats Are


Recently, GlobalPost reporter Simeon Tegel joined Panthera’s Research Fellow, Bart Harmsen, for a trip to Belize’s Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve to learn about Panthera’s Jaguar Corridor Initiative and the state of the country’s largest wild cat. Read the article below, entitled Cockscomb Basin: Where the Big Cats Are, or on GlobalPost’s site to learn about the landscape and jaguars of Belize and Panthera’s work to protect this wild cat in Belize and beyond, and hear anecdotes from Harmsen about the first time he encountered a jaguar in the wild.

16 Aug

Photo of the Day

Brett Pearson

We love this photo of a leopard and her cub, taken by partner and talented wildlife photographer, Brett Pearson, because their tails seem to form a heart! This photo was taken in South Africa’s Phinda Private Game Reserve, home to Panthera's Munyawana Leopard Project, founded by Panthera President, Dr Luke Hunter.

Learn more about Panthera’s leopard conservation work through the Munyawana Leopard Project.

See more wild cat photos on our Photo page and on Flickr.

15 Aug

Photo of the Day

Philip J. Briggs

Give us your best caption for this adorable little lion cub, taken by Panthera's partner and wildlife photographer, Philip J. Briggs! Sadly, Lions have disappeared from over 80% of their historic range. But Project Leonardo is Panthera's solution to protecting and increasing the world’s remaining wild lions.

Learn more about the Project Leonardo.

See more of Briggs' beautiful photography at

12 Aug

Celebrate the World’s Wild Lions


In honor of the first annual World Lion Day, held on Saturday, August 10th, Panthera will be celebrating Africa's iconic big cat all week! Help us highlight World Lion Day and raise awareness and support for the conservation of the world's wild lions by sharing Panthera's #WorldLionDay badge.

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08 Aug

Photo of the Day

S. Kachel/Panthera/Academy of Sciences Tajikistan/U. Delaware

Panthera has just submitted this gorgeous camera trap photo of a wild snow leopard in Tajikistan to the Trailcampro 2013 Photo Contest!

Vote for this photo (#19) now to help Panthera's Snow Leopard Program win Trailcampro's premium camera traps to monitor wild snow leopards and their prey.

Learn more about Panthera's Snow Leopard Conservation Program and our snow leopard conservation work in Tajikistan.

06 Aug

Mother Nature Network Interviews Panthera CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz


Mother Nature Network (MNN) recently reported on The Weather Channel’s new film series, entitled Brink, which highlights six eco-heroes fighting to save the world’s wildlife, including the conservation work of Panthera’s CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, to save jaguars and other big cats from the brink.

05 Aug

Photo of the Day

Steve Winter/National Geographic

14 month-old tiger cub has its eyes set on a deer near the shore in Bandhavgarh National Park, India. This photo and more beautiful tiger photography can be found in Panthera Media Director, Steve Winter's, upcoming National Geographic book, 'Tigers Forever: Saving the World's Most Endangered Big Cat.'

Pre-order your copy of 'Tigers Forever: Saving the World's Most Endangered Big Cat' (ships in November) and a portion of proceeds will go to Panthera’s Tigers Forever program.

See more wild cat photos on our Photo page and on Flickr.

01 Aug

Earn Your Tiger Stripes - Donate & Share Panthera's Tiger Infographic


To continue to highlight International Tiger Day, take a moment to read and share Panthera's Tiger Infographic
to raise awareness about the fragile state of the fewer than 3,200 tigers that remain in the wild.