The Roar Report

13 Dec

Creating “Knock-Off” Skins to Save Africa’s Leopards

Leopard Skins

Since discovering the unsustainable and illegal use of leopard skin garments at a South African Shembe religious gathering this summer, Panthera’s resident leopard expert, Tristan Dickerson, has been searching for a solution to discourage the hunting of local leopards for their skins, and he may have found his answer. Recently, Tristan met with a Zulu community chief and Shembe follower to discuss creating a fake leopard skin to distribute among the Shembe religious community.  So far, Tristan and the Munyawana Leopard Project staff have developed two leopard skin patterns, and are working to perfect this pattern to create a convincing leopard skin “knock-off.” We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the Munyawana team’s progress.

08 Dec

Just Released: Panthera’s December Newsletter


We have just released our December newsletter which is filled with exciting stories of our global cat conservation work and interesting updates since past newsletters. Read about the signing of an historic agreement with Colombia’s Ministry of Environment, the defense of leopards in South Africa, a Panthera fan who climbed Nepal’s Pike Peak to raise funds for our international projects, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz’s PopTech presentations and Panthera lectures and debates coming up in January at the historic 92nd Street Y.

06 Dec

Latest PopTech Conference “PopCast” with Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, David de Rothschild and Susan Casey

See video

Last week we shared the video “popcast” of Dr. Alan Rabinowitz’s presentation at the 2010 PopTech Conference in November.  Now, we’d like to share another interesting PopTech video of the Q&A session in which Dr. Rabinowitz participated alongside fellow PopTech presenters David de Rothschild and Susan Casey. Watch this video now to hear the panelists discuss the relationship between fear, risk, passion and failure in their careers, what the conservation world needs to succeed and Dr.

03 Dec

A Holiday Message from Dr. Alan Rabinowitz

Snow Leopard

Read a message from Panthera President and CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, and learn about what you can do this holiday season to help Panthera save big cats, including making a contribution to Panthera in honor of someone. This gift will enable Panthera to further help protect big cats around the world, and will be remembered long after other presents are forgotten. Happy Holidays!

02 Dec

Exclusive Panthera/SLT Snow Leopard Videos on TreeHugger


TreeHugger has just released three incredible videos of snow leopards taken by Panthera and the Snow Leopard Trust’s camera traps in South Gobi, Mongolia.  These videos are actually a group of camera trap images taken about a half second apart.

30 Nov

Just Released: PopTech Video Presentation by Dr. Alan Rabinowitz

See video

Last month, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz presented at the 2010 PopTech Conference in Camden, Maine to discuss “Brilliant Accidents, Necessary Failures and Improbable Breakthroughs” in the wild cat conservation field. PopTech has just released a video of Alan’s presentation to the public – a lecture for which he received one of only three of the conference’s standing ovations!

26 Nov

NYT: Meeting Aims to Turn Tiger Fascination Into Conservation


Have you ever wondered about the psychology of conservation and why big cats are so revered by humans? Read this New York Times article to hear what Panthera Executive Vice President, Dr. Luke Hunter, has to say about “the dichotomy of attitudes toward wild cats and wild dogs."

25 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving from Panthera


Too stuffed to get up? We know the feeling. Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Panthera!  View more entertaining Thanksgiving photos.

23 Nov

BBC World Service: In-Depth Interview with Dr. Alan Rabinowitz


Matthew Bannister of the BBC Outlook radio program recently conducted a thorough and fascinating interview with Panthera’s President & CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz. Listen to this podcast to hear incredible details about Dr. Rabinowitz’s battle with stuttering as a child and into his college years, his ensuing bond with animals, and his introduction to mentor and renowned wildlife conservationist, Dr.

23 Nov

Dr. Luke Hunter on BBC World Service’s Newshour Program


On Sunday, Panthera’s Executive Vice President, Dr. Luke Hunter, spoke on the BBC World Service’s Newshour radio program to explain Panthera’s reasoning for not attending the Global Tiger Summit in St. Petersburg last weekend and what is actually needed to save the endangered tiger – ending the poaching of tigers and their prey...