The Roar Report

15 Nov

Panthera Featured in National Geographic Magazine Article - A Cry for the Tiger


National Geographic has just released a new article, A Cry for the Tiger, featuring interviews with Panthera CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz and Panthera Founder Dr. Thomas Kaplan, along with breathtaking photographs of wild tigers taken by Panthera Media Director Steve Winter. Read the article now to learn about why we are losing the tiger and and highlights the effective conservation strategies being implemented today through Panthera's Tigers Forever program to save the Endangered tiger.

Read A Cry for the Tiger here.

15 Nov

Panthera President Dr. Luke Hunter Interviewed on WXVU Radio Show


Panthera President and big cat expert, Dr. Luke Hunter, was recently interviewed on WVXU Radio's Cincinnati Edition (US) by Thane Maynard, Director of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. Hear what Dr. Hunter has to say about the future of big cats and the aggressive methods the conservation community and the world must use to save these species.

14 Nov

Panthera’s Munyawana Leopard Project Featured on CNN This Week


Due to changes in scheduling, the CNN segment featuring Panthera’s Munyawana Leopard Project in South Africa will air this week, rather than last. The program will focus on Panthera's 'faux leopard fur' project, lead by Panthera Leopard Program Coordinator Tristan Dickerson, which is alleviating one of the most pressing threats to leopards in the region.

10 Nov

Just Released: November Newsletter


Our November newsletter has just been released and is jam-packed with exciting updates on Panthera’s wild cat conservation initiatives. Learn about a new study co-authored by Panthera Tiger Program Director, Dr. Joe Smith, which gives new hope for the Endangered Sumatran tiger. Read what Panthera President, Dr. Luke Hunter, and Lion Program Survey Coordinator, Dr. Philipp Henschel, had to say in their interviews for the cover story of Natural History Magazine's October edition, Leopards in the Twilight Zone.

08 Nov

Featured Photo of the Month – A Tigress and Her Five Cubs


Most news we hear about tigers is in regards to their precipitous decline. So you can imagine our delight when this image was shared with us, from photographer and wildlife enthusiast Nidhi Saraf who captured a rare, and frankly, magical event.  Nidhi snapped this photo – of a tigress and her 5 cubs (yes 5!!) - on an early morning in Pench Tiger Reserve in India.

07 Nov

New Results of Island-Wide Survey Give Hope to the Sumatran Tiger


While most news about tigers is on their dramatic decline (down to fewer than 3,200 in the wild) and increasing threats to their long-term survival, a new study, published in the scientific journal PLoS ONE, and which Panthera’s Tiger Program Director Dr. Joseph Smith is a co-author, provides a glimmer of hope for Indonesia’s last subspecies, the Sumatran

03 Nov

A Google Search Ending In Success: Wild Jaguar Scat


One of the critical (but not so glamorous) research activities required of Panthera’s scientists involves the collection of wild cat scat, or poo. Panthera’s field staff frequently set out on foot to track down scat, which is then sent to the laboratories at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City where it is analyzed to reveal genetic data about individuals (their range, abundance, diet, and genetic diversity).

02 Nov

Panthera CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz to Appear at The Moth This Evening at 7:30pm


Panthera CEO and big cat expert, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, will join a renowned group of storytellers to participate in The Moth's Town Hall event - Raise the Roof - tonight at 7:30pm. Dr. Rabinowitz will share stories from his incredible encounters with the Taron people - an isolated community on the verge of self-imposed extinction - while working to create the world's largest tiger reserve in Myanmar's Hukaung Valley.

01 Nov

Just Released: TEDx Conference Video of Panthera Lecture on Jaguars


A video of the lecture given on jaguars by Panthera’s Jaguar Corridor Coordinator for our Northern South America Program, Dr. Esteban Payán Garrido, at the 2011 TEDx conference in Panama City, Panama has just been released. During his lecture, entitled “Un jaguar por tu vida” or “A Jaguar for Your Life,” Dr.

31 Oct

Panthera’s Letter to Science Magazine - Tiger Conservation: Trust Tradition


Science Magazine has just published a letter to the editor written by Panthera's Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, Dr. Luke Hunter, and Dr. Joseph Smith in response to a letter published in August (Science Magazine, 12 August 2011, pg. 822) entitled “Restoring Tigers to the Caspian region.” Read what Panthera’s tiger experts had to say about the tiger conservation methods suggested in last month’s magazine edition, and what they have found to be the most successful strategies to save wild tigers.

Panthera Response: