The Roar Report

13 May

Just Released: Panthera’s May Newsletter


Panthera has just released our May newsletter, and we’ve got a long list of exciting stories from the field and news about our latest partnerships. Read about how Panthera’s camera traps helped bring poachers to justice in India, DisneyNature chose Panthera as a way to get involved in saving African Cats, a dedicated field assistant in Mozambique collected lion scat to help build himself a new roof, and more on Panthera’s 'Let Lions Live' campaign, education opportunities for conservationists, and our latest partnerships with Velo Enterprise and David Mayer Sculpture!

11 May

Press Release: Panthera Congratulates WWF on New Images of Sumatran Tigers


Panthera congratulates the ongoing commitment by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to bring attention to the needs of the critically endangered Sumatran tiger. Using camera traps, WWF recently captured the images of possibly 12 Sumatran tigers, including cubs. Unfortunately, these 12 tigers were seen in the Bukit Tigapuluh forest, an area that continues to experience rampant deforestation for palm oil and paper plantations - which means their future is at serious risk. Through releasing these camera trap images, WWF continues to reveal that tigers are persisting in this area and cannot be forgotten; and their habitat and prey populations need to be protected as well.

10 May

Thurs, May 12, 8pm: Lost Land of the Tiger on Nat Geo WILD

Lost Land of the Tiger
The original BBC 3-part series Lost Land of the Tiger featuring Panthera President and CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, has finally come to the United States, and will air on Nat Geo WILD at 8pm this Thursday, May 12th.  Almost 5 million viewers in the UK tuned in to watch the exciting expedition late last year that resulted in video footage of tigers possibly breeding at the highest elevation ever recorded in Bhutan – approximately 13,500 feet.
09 May

Goggles for Google: Lessons in avoiding snakes

Google the Dog

Several months ago we shared a story about Google the dog, who has been undergoing training in Costa Rica through the Hablemos de Perros organization to become a jaguar scat-detecting dog for Panthera. Google was successfully certified in January as an official jaguar scat-detecting dog by the Miami K-9 Academy. Over the past few weeks, Google’s owner, Carlos Orozco, has introduced ‘the ultimate search engine’, who serves as a critical tool in conserving jaguars by efficiently finding jaguar scat (important DNA), to the second phase of his life-saving training – snake avoidance.

06 May

Honor Your Mother by Giving a Gift to Big Cats

mothers day

This Sunday, May 8th, is Mother’s Day. What better way to honor your mother this year than to give a gift to Panthera in her name that will help protect the big cats of the world, like this lioness and cub. After you make a donation to Panthera’s Let Lions Live campaign, we will send your Mother an email to let her know of your gift, with a message of your choice.

Panthera would like to say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ and ‘thanks’ to all of the human and animal mothers of the world for the love and support they have given their ‘cubs’ over the years.

04 May

'Let Lions Live' Campaign Update: A Message from Dr. Luke Hunter

Luke Hunter

Dear Panthera Supporters,

I am excited to share with you that since my first letter sent last week to launch Panthera's Let Lions Live campaign we have reached an impressive 41% of our $30,000 goal, which we are hoping to raise by May 27th. Each dollar of this goal is being matched by a generous donor and represents one of the remaining wild lions in Africa.

03 May

April 28-May 5: Newport Beach Film Festival Featuring Panthera Film ‘My Pantanal’

Newport Beach Film Festival

The Panthera produced film 'My Pantanal,' written and directed by Panthera's Managing Director, Andrea Heydlauff, has been accepted to the 12th annual Newport Beach Film Festival, which began April 28th and will last through May 5th.

02 May

Panthera Partners with Artist David Mayer

Lion Sculpture

Panthera is proud to share that we have partnered with sculptor David Mayer whose love of wildlife has encouraged him to use animals as the subjects of his artwork. Most recently David launched a bronze lion sculpture, pictured here.  Other sculptures portray the jaguar, leopard, elephant, otter, hare and other animal species. In order to help conserve the animals upon which his artwork is based, David has generously volunteered to donate 10% of proceeds earned from the sale of his 'Lion,' ‘Jaguar,’ and ‘Leopard’ sculptures to Panthera, and to a variety of other conservation organizations.

29 Apr

Sat, April 30: Pictures of the Year Intl. Lecture by Panthera Media Director Steve Winter – Washington, D.C.


As part of the Pictures of the Year International (POYi) lecture series, Panthera Media Director Steve Winter will give a lecture at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 30th, at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. Steve was recently awarded the Global Vision Award by POYi for a collection of 40 wildlife photographs that show the front lines of tiger conservation in India's Kaziranga National Park.

Join us to hear Steve discuss the art of wildlife photography and share exciting stories from the field and how he and you can help Panthera save the world's wild cats. Learn more about Steve's lecture and Photo Day at the Newseum.

26 Apr

A Message from Dr. Luke Hunter: Let Lions Live


The lion is synonymous with wild Africa. Over a century ago, hundreds of thousands of lions roamed the continent, but today, fewer than 30,000 remain. Lions are being shot, poisoned and speared, their habitat is being lost, and their prey is being over-hunted by people. This relentless pattern leaves lions with little to eat causing them to turn to livestock, and fuels the bitter cycle of human-lion conflict.

This rate of decline is catastrophic, and lions need a lifeline now more than ever.