The Roar Report

12 Jul

Traveling to Tajikistan in a TEAmbulance to Support Panthera


One of Panthera’s ultimate fans, Jeremy Aylmer, has just embarked on an ambulance & tea odyssey from London to the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan in a TEAmbulance, and is working to raise £2,000 to support Panthera’s wild cat conservation programs along the way! Jeremy and the TEAmbulance team will drive across Europe and along the ancient Silk Road, crossing multiple borders, scorching deserts and majestic mountains, all the while making friends and sharing cups of tea in typical English fashion with those they meet on the journey. After reaching their destination, the TEAmbulance team will donate their much-needed ambulance to a local hospital in Tajikistan.

06 Jul

Press Release: Panthera Partners with Save the Tiger Fund to Ensure a Future for Wild Cats


Panthera and Save the Tiger Fund (STF) are joining forces to further the global fight to save tigers in the wild. This new partnership between two of the most influential and successful tiger conservation groups will double the resources available for strategic tiger conservation efforts, with a focus on addressing key threats to wild tigers and scientifically measuring conservation success.

Read the Full Press Release. 

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05 Jul

The Responsibility Project Interviews Panthera CEO

Alan Rabinowitz

Read an interesting interview by The Responsibility Project with wild cat expert and Panthera CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz to learn how Dr. Rabinowitz’s thoughts about conservation have evolved since the start of his career, what he believes is the new conservation paradigm and how Panthera is working to implement it, why he feels a responsibility to protect the earth’s wildlife, and much more.

Read more about Dr. Rabinowitz.

30 Jun

The Serengeti: A Photo Gallery by Panthera VP Dr. George Schaller

Lion cub being licked

Panthera Vice President Dr. George Schaller has spent over 50 years working to protect some of the world’s most threatened species, including the African lion. One of Dr. Schaller’s earliest studies conducted in the late 1960s in Serengeti National Park focused on the ecology and behavior of lions, including its social system, population dynamics, hunting behavior, predation patterns, and how the lion and other predators impact the Serengeti’s ecosystems. We have compiled an exclusive collection of Dr. Schaller’s photos of the wildlife of the Serengeti found here.

29 Jun

Video from the Field: Wild Snow Leopard in China

Snow Leopard

Using a series of camera trap photos taken one after the other, Panthera’s snow leopard program staff created this video of a wild snow leopard on the Tibetan Plateau in China’s Qinghai Province. The video shows a snow leopard sniffing an overhanging boulder, which is a common target for where snow leopards leave their scent. Additional photos captured with the same camera trap show a number of other snow leopards spraying and sniffing the same rock.  

29 Jun

Remembering Africa Proceeds Benefit Panthera’s Wild Cat Conservation Programs

Remembering Africa

We are excited to share that for a limited time a portion of proceeds from the sale of Robert Vavra’s most recent book, Remembering Africa, will be donated to Panthera to support our global wild cat conservation projects.  For the next several months, Panthera will receive 15% of proceeds from the sale of this book and customers will receive a 10% discount when they enter the code PANTHERA at checkout. 100% of contributions made from the sale of Remembering Africa will go directly to the field where it matters most.

27 Jun

Wall Street Journal Reports on Panthera Board Member’s Fight to Save Wild Tigers Through Developing New Camera Trap Model


Panthera's Board Member has been featured in The Wall Street Journal article J. Michael Cline's Passion For Conserving Wild Cats for his exceptional contributions to tiger conservation.  Besides being on Panthera's Board, Michael Cline is also a co-founder of the Tigers Forever program. Cline’s latest efforts have focused on the development and deployment of Panthera’s new and advanced camera trap model.

23 Jun

Read Panthera’s Wild Cat Report Cards


Panthera has created downloadable report cards that summarize the current state of tigers, lions, jaguars, and snow leopards and what Panthera is doing to protect these wild cats. Learn about population estimates, the extent of their historic and current range, the primary threats they face, and the programs that Panthera is carrying out around the globe to conserve these big cats. Download and print these report cards and share them with your friends and family.

View the report cards.

23 Jun

Take a Research for Good Survey to Raise Money for Panthera


Empty wallet but full heart? If you have a few minutes to spare and want to support Panthera’s wild cat conservation programs, complete a short, anonymous survey through Research For Good. Each time you fill out an online survey, Panthera receives a donation from Research for Good that will go straight to the field where it matters most!

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20 Jun

Listen to Panthera CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz's Interview on The Colin McEnroe Show


Panthera’s CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, was interviewed live on the Connecticut Public Radio program, The Colin McEnroe Show, at 1pm EST today on the state of cougars (mountain lions) in Connecticut and in the Northeast United States region.  A great deal of media attention has recently been given to a case that occurred last week involving a cougar that was struck and killed by a car travelling on a Connecticut highway. This event has fueled much debate on the status of cougars in Connecticut and throughout the Northeastern region of the U.S.