The Roar Report

01 Mar

Panthera Media Director Wins Pictures of the Year International Award

Steve Winter

The 68th annual Pictures of the Year International (POYI) awarded its Global Vision Award to Steve Winter, Panthera’s Media Director, for a collection of 40 photographs of the wildlife and people that populate the grasslands of the Kaziranga National Park in Assam, India. Among the captivating images are a tiger staring down the camera amidst the tall grass, curious one-horned Indian rhinos and blindfolded poachers, apprehended for targeting rhinos for their horns and tigers for their body parts, on their way to interrogation at the park’s ranger station.

23 Feb

CNN's Human Factor: 'Animals saved me'


In the Human Factor, Dr. Sanjay Gupta introduces you to survivors who have overcome the odds. Confronting a life obstacle - injury, illness or other hardship –- they tapped their inner strength and found resilience they didn’t know they possessed. Dr. Alan Rabinowitz suffered from a severe stutter as a child and worked through his hardships in a most unusual way. Here is his story in his own words.

Blog Post by Dr. Alan Rabinowitz. Featured on CNN's Human Factor Blog.

22 Feb

Panthera President Dr. Rabinowitz’s Interview with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta


Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, Panthera’s President and CEO, was interviewed recently by CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta for the Human Factor program - a series that reports on how people confront & overcome medical adversities. Watch the segment online & read a blog by Dr. Rabinowitz to learn how animals helped him overcome a debilitating stutter & how he now uses Panthera as a voice to protect the world's wild cats.

22 Feb

Panthera’s Live Web “Cat Chat” – Tues, Feb. 22, 1pm EST


Join us on Tuesday, Feb. 22nd, at 1pm for Panthera’s first live web “Cat Chat” to hear Panthera President and CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, and Executive VP, Dr. Luke Hunter, discuss the state of the jaguar and what Panthera is doing to conserve the America’s most iconic big cat. Be sure to submit your questions for the “Cat Chat” during the event at

18 Feb

'My Pantanal' Featured on National Geographic

My Pantanal

We are proud to share that over the next six months, the Panthera-produced film, 'My Pantanal,' will be featured on the National Geographic Kids website. Written and directed by Panthera's Managing Director, Andrea Heydlauf, this short film tells the story of a little boy, Aerenilso, who lives on a cattle ranch in the Brazilian Pantanal - the world's largest wetland. While jaguars in the Pantanal have typically been hunted by ranchers protecting their cattle, Aerenilso shows what it is like to live on a conservation ranch where Panthera's scientists are working with the Pantaneiros to show that ranching and jaguars can share this incredible landscape.

15 Feb

Just Released: February Newsletter

February Newsletter

Our February newsletter has just been released, featuring stories of Panthera's involvement in a wildlife trafficking case in Gabon, the latest study confirming the status of the Asiatic cheetah, the 2011 Kaplan-Rabinowitz Prize for the Next Generation in Wild Cat Conservation awardee, Panthera's 'Name the Jaguar' contest, and more.

09 Feb

Mosquito Wars: A Day in the Life of a Jaguar Field Scientist


It’s not all cat-fancy working to save big cats in the wild. In fact, our field researchers undergo some pretty harsh conditions – and the wet season in the Pantanal, the world’s largest wetland in Brazil, is no exception. The Pantanal can flood as high as 8 meters during the rainy season (October – April) – conditions in which mosquitoes thrive. But Panthera’s field scientists understand that there’s no off-season for saving cats. Check out this video of Dr.

08 Feb

Send a Panthera E-Card this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we have the perfect gift for your loved ones – a Panthera e-card! Our e-cards feature beautiful photographs of big cats with Valentine’s Day messages that you can personalize for a minimum of a $5 donation per e-card. Choose your card now and let your special someone know that you care about them, and big cats!

03 Feb

NYT: ‘Walking with a Jaguar on a Leash’ is NOT conservation, says Panthera’s Dr. Luke Hunter

Jaguar in Brush

The New York Times has just released an article and video describing how an animal ‘refuge’ in Bolivia allows tourists to walk with jaguars, cougars and ocelots on leashes through the forest. In an exclusive interview, Panthera’s  Executive Vice President, Dr. Luke Hunter, told the New York Times that “the problem [is they] get an enormous amount of publicity…but in fact…refuges like this don’t actually do much to conserve the animal they say they are protecting.” Read on to learn what else Dr.

31 Jan

Watch the Full CBS “60 Minutes” Program featuring Panthera

60 Minutes

This past Sunday, Panthera was featured on the exclusive CBS "60 Minutes" program, In Search of the Jaguar: Up Close and Rare. In case you missed it, watch the “60 Minutes” segment now to follow Panthera’s team of jaguar experts through the Brazilian Pantanal – the world’s largest wetland that is home to the world’s highest density of jaguars – as they track and collar jaguars, and learn how Panthera is protecting the elusive jaguar through the