The Roar Report

03 May

April 28-May 5: Newport Beach Film Festival Featuring Panthera Film ‘My Pantanal’

Newport Beach Film Festival

The Panthera produced film 'My Pantanal,' written and directed by Panthera's Managing Director, Andrea Heydlauff, has been accepted to the 12th annual Newport Beach Film Festival, which began April 28th and will last through May 5th.

02 May

Panthera Partners with Artist David Mayer

Lion Sculpture

Panthera is proud to share that we have partnered with sculptor David Mayer whose love of wildlife has encouraged him to use animals as the subjects of his artwork. Most recently David launched a bronze lion sculpture, pictured here.  Other sculptures portray the jaguar, leopard, elephant, otter, hare and other animal species. In order to help conserve the animals upon which his artwork is based, David has generously volunteered to donate 10% of proceeds earned from the sale of his 'Lion,' ‘Jaguar,’ and ‘Leopard’ sculptures to Panthera, and to a variety of other conservation organizations.

29 Apr

Sat, April 30: Pictures of the Year Intl. Lecture by Panthera Media Director Steve Winter – Washington, D.C.


As part of the Pictures of the Year International (POYi) lecture series, Panthera Media Director Steve Winter will give a lecture at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 30th, at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. Steve was recently awarded the Global Vision Award by POYi for a collection of 40 wildlife photographs that show the front lines of tiger conservation in India's Kaziranga National Park.

Join us to hear Steve discuss the art of wildlife photography and share exciting stories from the field and how he and you can help Panthera save the world's wild cats. Learn more about Steve's lecture and Photo Day at the Newseum.

26 Apr

A Message from Dr. Luke Hunter: Let Lions Live


The lion is synonymous with wild Africa. Over a century ago, hundreds of thousands of lions roamed the continent, but today, fewer than 30,000 remain. Lions are being shot, poisoned and speared, their habitat is being lost, and their prey is being over-hunted by people. This relentless pattern leaves lions with little to eat causing them to turn to livestock, and fuels the bitter cycle of human-lion conflict.

This rate of decline is catastrophic, and lions need a lifeline now more than ever.  

26 Apr

Gaining Ground in Guyana for Jaguars


Just last month, in partnership with the Karanambu Trust, Panthera initiated our first ever jaguar conservation and research activities in the Rupununi region of central Guyana.  In order to learn more about the possible presence and distribution of jaguars in this region, Panthera jaguar scientist Dr. Esteban Payan and Dr. Evi Paemelaere set up 16 camera traps 1.5 kilometers apart on the Karanambu Ranch – a region that extends for 125 square miles and that is home to forests, riparian forests, savanna habitats and a 40-mile stretch of the Rupununi River.

22 Apr

‘A Billion Acts for Big Cats' on Earth Day

Tiger in Tree_NickGarbutt

Today is Earth Day – an international day of advocacy and celebration of the magnificence of our Earth, and the equally incredible wildlife it supports. On this day, as the citizens of the world are encouraged to make ‘A Billion Acts of Green,’ Panthera asks that you also pledge to help us make 'A Billion Acts for Big Cats.'

The big cats of this Earth – tigers, lions, jaguars, snow leopards, leopards, cheetahs, and cougars – serve as critical ecosystem guardians for our planet. The presence of these apex predators indicates healthy ecosystems that support thousands of plant and animal species, including people.

When you act for big cats, you act for yourself, and for all animals on the planet.

20 Apr

Panthera Partners with Velo Enterprise


We are excited to share that Panthera has recently partnered with Velo Enterprise, a leading manufacturer of cycling saddles, grips and handlebar tapes. Now through October 20th, Velo will run its Senso Wildlife campaign to raise awareness about and support the conservation of wild cats. Throughout this promotional period, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Senso saddles will be generously donated to Panthera. The campaign will initially be held throughout Germany and promoted through advertisements, online and in cycling shops, and a sweepstakes will also be held in which two winners will be awarded a trip to South Africa.

19 Apr

Jack Vartanian MENAGERIE COLLECTION Sales Benefit Panthera During Month of April

Jaguar Ring

Word is spreading about Panthera partner Jack Vartanian’s new MENAGERIE COLLECTION, which includes a leopard ring, necklace and earrings, among other animal-inspired jewelry. Along with an article in Women’s Wear Daily, fashion stylist Rachel Zoe has just posted an article on her daily newsletter, The Zoe Report, about the collection’s beautiful gold & diamond leopard ring shown here. Zoe also noted that during the month of April, Jack Vartanian will generously donate 10% of sales from this collection to Panthera.

18 Apr

Tonight at 7pm: A Lecture on the Lion Guardians Program at The Explorers Club in NYC

Simba Scouts

This evening at 7pm, Lion Guardians Program Director and co-founder Leela Hazzah and senior biologist Stephanie Dolrenry will give a lecture at The Explorers Club in New York City on the conservation work of the Lion Guardians program – an innovative project that employs Maasai warriors, who traditionally hunt lions, as ‘Lion Guardians.’ Through this program, local Maasai warriors are trained to respond to and mitigate human-lion conflict situations by informing herders of areas occupied by lions, helping farmers improve their livestock husbandry techniques, tracking down lost live¬stock, and discouraging other Maasai warriors from hunting lions in the future.

15 Apr

Tonight at 5pm EST: Final Airing of Lost Land of the Tiger on NatGeo

Alan Rabinowitz Panthera

The final airing of the Lost Land of the Tiger program featuring Panthera President and CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, will take place this evening at 5pm EST. Tune in to watch Dr. Alan Rabinowitz & a team of scientists as they travel through Bhutan in search of tigers.

More info can be found on this program at &

Learn how Panthera is helping to save the world's remaining 3,200 tigers through the Tigers Forever program and Tiger Corridor Initiative.