The Roar Report

18 Nov

Panthera and Palm Beach Zoo Partner on Tigers Forever program in Malaysia

Palm Beach Zoo

Panthera is excited to announce a partnership with the Palm Beach Zoo to further conservation of tigers in the wild via our Tigers Forever strategy– Tigers Forever is a collaborative program between Panthera and WCS, and others, to increase tiger numbers by 50% at key sites over a ten-year period. Read our press release to learn about how this partnership is helping to protect endangered Malayan tigers living in the Endau Rompin region of Malaysia.

17 Nov

Statement by Dr. Luke Hunter on the International Forum for Tiger Conservation

Tiger in brush

On November 21st, the World Bank’s International Forum for Tiger Conservation will kick off in St. Petersburg, Russia, bringing together a large group of international government officials, policy makers, conservation organizations and other stakeholders to discuss what needs to be done on the ground to save the endangered tiger. Panthera Executive Vice President, Dr. Luke Hunter, released a statement explaining Panthera’s position, and what Panthera alternatively believes will actually prevent the extinction of the tiger.

15 Nov

Dr. Alan Rabinowitz on National Geographic Weekend Radio

Dr. Alan Rabinowitz

This past weekend, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, Panthera’s President and CEO, joined host Boyd Matson on National Geographic Weekend Radio to discuss his life-long love of animals, his first encounter with the jaguars of Belize and the relationships he built with local ranchers to stop the hunting of jaguars, setting up the world’s largest tiger reserve in Myanmar, and other exciting stories. Listen to the podcast below to learn about Dr. Rabinowitz’s conservation work and adventures over the years.

12 Nov

Dr. Alan Rabinowitz on National Geographic Weekend Radio – Sunday, November 14, 12pm EST


Got plans for the weekend? Tune in to National Geographic Weekend Radio this Sunday at 12pm EST on XM/Sirius channel 133 to hear Dr. Rabinowitz, Panthera’s President and CEO, discuss his life-long love of animals, his first encounter with the jaguars of Belize and the relationships he built with local ranchers to stop the hunting of jaguars, setting up the world’s largest tiger reserve in Myanmar, and other exciting stories. The program will also air Sunday in Washington, D.C. on 1500 AM at 10pm EST and at different times this Sunday on various AM/FM stations throughout the country.

10 Nov

Let the Lion Guardian Games Begin!

Lion guardians

This year the Panthera supported Living with Lions program held the first-ever Lion Guardian Games – an exciting tournament in which the Lion Guardians, Maasai traditional warriors, - competed in three events, including stick and spear throwing and soccer. Watch a video and see a photo gallery of the Guardians participating in the events and celebrating their achievements with traditional Maasai festivities!

10 Nov

Trekking with Tom: Learning about India’s Homestays

Homestay owner

Yesterday, you got a glimpse inside a traditional (and colorful) Indian homestay – a kind of temporary housing that supports tourism in India’s small villages by putting a roof over the heads of eco-tourists (like Snow Leopard Program Executive Director, Dr. Tom McCarthy), and helps offset the cost of homestay owners’ livestock losses caused by snow leopards. Watch Tom’s interesting interview with a local homestay owner to learn how operating a homestay allows one woman to provide for her children and how she feels about hunting snow leopards.

04 Nov

Trekking with Tom: How Eco-Tourism is Helping India’s Villages

Parabolic Heater

Today, we want to take you inside a traditional Indian homestay to show you where Dr. Tom McCarthy stayed during his research trip to Rumbak Village. See the colorful tea pots and furniture that adorns one homestay and learn about how this Himalayan homestay project is operated for tourists, particularly eco-tourists like Tom, using numerous houses throughout the village. Also get a glimpse at a parabolic heater provided to the village’s homestays and cafes that allows villagers to heat their food and water without using a good deal of their local fuels.

01 Nov

Trekking with Tom: Up Close with a Predator Proof Corral

Predator proof corral

We begin this week’s “Trekking with Tom” posts with an up close look at a predator proof corral in India’s Rumbak Village. Listen to Tom explain how these corrals are made, and how something as simple as mesh wiring prevents snow leopards from getting into enclosures.  Local villagers who predator-proof their corrals, are finding it easier to live with snow leopards. Which benefits everyone, including the snow leopard!

Learn more about our snow leopard conservation program at

29 Oct

Trekking with Tom: Hidden Gems in India’s Mountains

Rumbak Village

Our last “Trekking with Tom” video of the week shows the impressive mountains surrounding India’s Rumbak Village (one of the first stops on Tom’s snow leopard research trip through India) and the stunning valley that cradles this community. See how people live, and where snow leopards roam, in an area that reaches an altitude of just over 13,000 feet!

We hope you have enjoyed the first week of our “Trekking with Tom” blog posts. This was our first video blog and we’d love for you to tell us what you think of the series, so far, on our Facebook page –

28 Oct

Protecting the Livestock and Livelihoods of India's Villagers from the “Trekking with Tom” Blog Series


So far, we have brought you stories and video interviews from Snow Leopard Program Exec. Director, Dr. Tom McCarthy’s research trip to Tajikistan, where he spent several weeks this summer working to build Panthera’s relationships with local conservation organizations and communities and gather data to help shape Panthera’s snow leopard conservation strategies in the region. After travelling through several remote villages in Tajikistan’s Pamir Mountains, Tom ventured to Ladakh and then Leh, India before heading into the remote Rumbak Village to carry out more research on villagers attitudes towards and interactions with snow leopards.