26 Aug

The Wall Street Journal Interviews Panthera’s President on the Future of the African Lion


The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed Panthera's President Dr. Luke Hunter on the extensive threats facing the last 20,000 lions that are estimated to remain across Africa. Read the article 'Human-Population Boom Remains Largest Threat to Africa’s Lions in Wake of Cecil’s Killing' @ http://on.wsj.com/1DzmKxN to learn more about the various threats facing the species, and what must be done to ensure its future survival. 

21 Aug

BBC Wildlife Magazine Features Panthera’s Teton Cougar Project


The new August edition of BBC Wildlife Magazine features an article highlighting the secret life of the puma and the conservation research Panthera is carrying out through the Teton Cougar Project in northwest Wyoming on this elusive species. 

18 Aug

Panthera’s CEO Nominated for 2016 Indianapolis Prize


The 2016 Indianapolis Prize marks a decade celebrating true heroes in the field of animal conservation and endeavors to sustain the planet's wild things and wild places. Recognized as the world's leading award in animal conservation, the biennial Prize shines a spotlight on the victorious men and women who are solidifying the future for millions of people and animals.

11 Aug

Panthera and Angola Unite to Protect Africa’s Lions


New York, NY – The African lion was awarded new protection last month with the signing of a significant conservation agreement between the government of Angola and Panthera, the global wild cat conservation organization.

10 Aug

Lions Eating Camera Trap


Here’s a special treat in honor of World Lion Day!

Our motion-triggered camera traps have been an invaluable tool in identifying and monitoring big cat populations. However, this particular camera trap will no longer be contributing to science!

05 Aug

Slate Op-Ed: Dr. Luke Hunter on How to Save Africa’s Lions


In the midst of the global outcry over the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, Slate published an op-ed by Panthera’s President Dr. Luke Hunter highlighting the greater threats that are wiping out Africa’s lion populations, and how we can fight these threats to save the African lion.

04 Aug

Watch the CNN Interview with Panthera’s President on Cecil & Lion Conservation


Yesterday, Panthera’s President, Dr. Luke Hunter, appeared on CNN International to discuss the recent killing of Cecil the lion, and the larger conservation issues that are driving a devastating, and largely unknown, decline in Africa’s lion populations.

03 Aug

Tune In: CNN Interviews Panthera’s President on Cecil and Lion Conservation @ 2pm ET Today


Tune in to CNN International’s Amanpour program today at 2pm ET to watch an interview with Panthera’s President, Dr. Luke Hunter, on Cecil the lion and the wider threats facing lions and other big cats across Africa. 

31 Jul

Help Panthera Save Lions like Cecil


The death of Cecil the lion has enraged the world this week, and rightly so. Having spent a lifetime working to conserve this species, I am disgusted by the killing of this regal lion.

For eight years, Cecil and his family had been followed by Panthera's partners in Zimbabwe, Oxford University's WildCRU. He was 13 when he was killed and was an essential member of his pride, defending its females and siring many litters of cubs. Cecil was helping to grow Africa's fading lion populations when he was apparently lured outside of the protection of the magnificent Hwange National Park and killed horrifically.

29 Jul

Panthera and WildCRU Call for Global Efforts to Conserve the African Lion


Alleged Illegal Hunting of Lion in Zimbabwe Highlights Catastrophic Decline of Africa’s Lions

New York, NY – Earlier this month, a male lion studied through the Hwange Lion Project, operated by Panthera and Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), was tragically killed outside Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.