06 Nov

Panthera's Tajikistan Snow Leopard Program Surveys Coordinator Wins 2014 Council for Game & Widlife Conservation Markhor Award


Panthera’s Tajikistan Snow Leopard Program Surveys Coordinator, Munavvar Alidodov, was recently award the 2014 International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) Markhor Award at the 12th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea.

04 Nov

Cougars versus Black Bears


F96, nicknamed Frostbite because of the loss of parts of her ears and the tip of her tail during the winter of 2012-13, is a young female mountain lion followed as part of Panthera’s Teton Cougar Project. She dispersed from her mother’s home range in May of this year, when she was 20 months old. As snow drifts melted last Spring, she launched south into unknown territory.

03 Nov

The Wall Street Journal Features Two Founding Members of The Global Alliance for Wild Cats


A new article published by The Wall Street Journal, entitled ‘Scion Moves Into Spotlight on M&A Stage,’ reports on the recent business ventures of Mr. Jho Low, CEO of Jynwel Capital and Director of Jynwel Charitable Foundation Limited, Hong Kong, and one of the founding partners of The Global Alliance for Wild Cats.

31 Oct

Publisher's Weekly Names 'A Boy and a Jaguar' One of Top 2014 Best Picture Books


Panthera's CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz's first children's book, 'A Boy and a Jaguar,' has just been selected as one of the Best Picture Books of 2014 by Publishers Weekly. Each November, Publisher's Weekly editors look back at the nearly 9,000 titles reviewed over the course of the year and pick favorites in several categories: fiction, poetry, mystery/thriller, SF/fantasy/horror, romance/erotica, comics, picture books, middle grade, and young adult.

28 Oct

NewsTalk Radio Interview with Panthera’s CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz


"Conservation is not viewed as it should be…as an integral part of human survival." Hear this and more in a new interview with Panthera's CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, on the future of wild cats and the importance of conservation, broadcast on NewsTalk Radio @http://bit.ly/1tf0vGo (tune to the 35 min mark).

24 Oct

NatGeo Cat Watch: Fumbling Cougar Kittens - Learning to Hunt


We recently captured F99, a now 1-year old, orphaned, female cougar kitten followed by Panthera’s Teton Cougar Project (see post Why Adult Cougars Kill Each Other? for how she was orphaned and Orphaned Cougar Kittens and Their Inspiring Will to Survive for some of her adventures since). We swapped out the tiny, expandable collar that we’d given her at 5 weeks old, for a cutting-edge, solar-assisted, light-weight Iridium GPS collar.

22 Oct

Notorious Ivory Poacher Successfully Convicted in Zambia


A Mumbwa Magistrates Court has sentenced ivory poacher, Steven Mukokomena, to five years imprisonment with hard labour after being found guilty of unlawful possession of elephant ivory.

21 Oct

Celebrate Big Cats This Halloween by Carving a Panthera Cat Pumpkin


Halloween is now officially upon us! This year, celebrate the season while showing your support for the world’s wild cats. Print one of Panthera’s cat-themed stencils, carve your pumpkin, & send us a photo of your artwork at info@panthera.org. You'll get the chance to have your artwork featured on Panthera's website and our Facebook page.

20 Oct

Nov. 24: Panthera CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz’s ‘Journey of the Jaguar’ Presentation at National Geographic Live


On Monday, November 24th, at 7:30pm, Panthera’s CEO and wild cat scientist, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, will present on the ‘Journey of the Jaguar’ at National Geographic Live! in Washington, D.C.

16 Oct

Tonight at 5pm ET – Panthera’s CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz Discusses Jaguars on Wisconsin Public Radio


Tune in on today at 5pm ET to hear a live interview with Panthera’s CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, on his new jaguar book, ‘An Indomitable Beast: The Remarkable Journey of the Jaguar,’ and the future and conservation of the Americas’ largest wild cat.