02 May

‘Ending the War on Wildlife’ Explorers Club Lecture by Panthera’s Conservation Council Member, Jane Alexander


On Monday, June 3rd, Panthera’s Conservation Council member and renowned actress, Jane Alexander, will give an exclusive lecture entitled, “Ending the War on Wildlife,” at The Explorers Club in New York City.

Focusing on the mass extinction of many of our Earth’s precious species, Jane’s presentation will touch on how people around the world are contributing to this grave issue through climate change, rampant poaching and wildlife trafficking, and other threats, and the solutions that exist to reverse this trend. Read a summary of the lecture here:

01 May

Today at 3:30pm EST: HuffPost Live Interview with Panthera’s President, Dr. Luke Hunter, on Coexisting with Wildlife


Tune in to HuffPost Live’s webTV network at 3:30pm EST today to watch a video interview with Panthera’s President and wild cat scientist, Dr. Luke Hunter, on how modern societies can effectively manage and coexist with populations of protected wildlife. Discussing the recent resurgence of wolf populations in Germany and subsequent divisions created between farmers and conservationists in country, Dr. Hunter will share human-wildlife conflict mitigation lessons from his decades-long career in wildlife conservation.

26 Apr

Panthera Advertisement Published in Texas Monthly and Los Angeles Magazine


We are thrilled to share that Panthera’s promotional advertisement is currently featured in the April 2013 issues of Texas Monthly and Los Angeles Magazine! Raising awareness about the threats facing the fewer than 30,000 wild lions that remain in Africa, Panthera’s advertisement, shown below, features two curious lion cubs inspecting a camera trap in Kenya with the message, “Curiosity is Not What is Killing These Cats.”

Learn more about the threats facing Africa’s lions and what Panthera is doing through Project Leonardo to protect and grow these populations.

25 Apr

Times of India Interview with Panthera’s President, Dr. Luke Hunter, on the Translocation of India’s Asiatic Lions


Last week, we shared coverage of the recent, controversial decision by India’s Supreme Court to translocate a group of Asiatic lions from Gujarat state's Gir forest to the Kuno game sanctuary in neighboring Madhya Pradesh state, along with comments from Panthera’s President, Dr. Luke Hunter, on why this relocation will benefit the world’s last 300-400 Asiatic lions.

24 Apr

Panthera’s Teton Cougar Project Featured in Jackson Hole News & Guide


A new Jackson Hole News & Guide article entitled ‘Lives of Mountain Lions Unfold in Nighttime Videos’ features the work of Panthera's Teton Cougar Project scientists to uncover the secret lives of cougars living north of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Read the article now to learn how Teton Cougar Project Leader, Dr.

23 Apr

National Geographic: Panthera’s President, Dr. Luke Hunter, on Leopard Infanticide


A recent National Geographic article reports on new, rare photos of leopard infanticide captured in Botswana’s Okavango Delta by photographer Ryan Green. Read the article now to learn what Panthera’s President, Dr. Luke Hunter, had to say about the cause of infanticide in big cats, and the prevalence of this behavior in leopard populations near South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

Read an excerpt from the article here:

22 Apr

Give a Gift for Big Cats on Earth Day


Happy Earth Day from all of us at Panthera! In honor of this special day and the keystone species that help protect the Earth's wild habitats & wildlife, consider giving a gift to Panthera today to support the conservation of big cats around the globe.

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18 Apr

April 18-21: Reairing of ‘A Voice for the Animals’ Interview with Panthera’s CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz


From Thursday, April 18th, to Sunday, April 21st, Panthera CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz’s interview on American Public Radio’s On Being program (formerly the Speaking of Faith program) will re-air across the country on over 289 public radio stations. Click here to listen to a condensed version of the interview in this re-airing or check your local listings @ http://bit.ly/16ycL5s to see when 'A Voice for the Animals' will broadcast in your area.

16 Apr

Panthera’s President, Dr. Luke Hunter, on the Relocation of India’s Asiatic Lions


On Monday, India's Supreme Court green lighted the translocation of a group of Asiatic lions from Gujarat state's Gir forest to the Kuno game sanctuary in neighboring Madhya Pradesh state.

12 Apr

The Jaguars and Turtles of Tortuguero


Recently, a journalist from the Global Post visited Costa Rica's Tortuguero National Park, situated in the northeast Caribbean, to report on the fascinating findings of a jaguar research study carried out by Panthera grantee and National University of Costa Rica student, Stephanny Arroyo. Supported by Panthera and Global Vision International, Arroyo used camera traps to study local jaguars' eating habits and other behavior, and in the process, found that the jaguars in this particular region engaged in atypically social behavior, including eating, travelling and playing together.