05 Jun

To Skin A Cat - Or Not


You've probably heard the phrase "there's more than one way to skin a cat." But at Panthera, we're trying desperately to stop leopards from being skinned at all!

03 Jun

Africa Point Interviews Panthera’s Furs for Life Leopard Project Consultant, Tristan Dickerson


Africa Point, a travel agency based in Nairobi, recently published an interview with Tristan Dickerson, Panthera’s Furs for Life Leopard Project Consultant, on his work to conserve the leopards of South Africa.

01 Jun

Just Released: Panthera’s May Newsletter

The leading story in Panthera’s May newsletter covers a new study on the “collapse” of 60% of the world’s largest herbivores, and how the the effects on other wildlife, ecosystems and humans could be catastrophic.

27 May

Twice Snared: The Story of Boz the Leopard


‘Boz’ was the dominant male leopard studied through Panthera’s Munyawana Leopard Project in South Africa. Known locally for his magnificent size, Boz had just reached his prime at nine years of age when we noticed his limp.

26 May

Forbes Mexico Covers Alliance Between Panthera and Mexican Government


Forbes Mexico has published an article on the new alliance between Panthera and the government of Mexico to protect the country’s jaguars.

Read the article to learn about the history of the jaguar in Mexico, threats facing the species, and new conservation activities underway to ensure its future.

22 May

The Guardian Reports on the "Landmines of the Forest”


Read an article by The Guardian that details the wildlife, including chimps, elephants, leopards, African golden cats and other animals, that are losing their lives and limbs to poachers' snares – known as “landmines of the forest” – in Uganda’s Kibale National Park.

20 May

What Does It Take to Save a Leopard?


Believe it or not, $30 can save the life of a leopard.

You may have heard about Panthera's Furs for Life Leopard Project and the high-quality, faux leopard print replicas we've created to replace real leopard skins used as capes in religious ceremonies in southern Africa.

19 May

New Studies Report on the Conservation of Africa’s Leopards


Last month, two new scientific publications on the conservation of Africa’s leopards were published by PLoS ONE.

Co-authored by Panthera’s President Dr. Luke Hunter, Leopard Program Director Dr. Guy Balme and Leopard Program Coordinator Tristan Dickerson, the studies examined the susceptibility of leopards to trophy hunting and the dispersal patterns of a leopard population recovering from over-harvest. 

 Read the publications: 

15 May

The Story of Chinga and Her Cub


‘Chinga’ was one of the first and most memorable leopards I had the privilege to study through Panthera’s Munyawana Leopard Project in South Africa.

Collared from the age of two, Chinga was uniquely calm and social with people, making her somewhat of a local celebrity.

14 May

New Photo of Male Lion in Gabon


In March, conservationists celebrated the sighting of a young male lion in Batéké Plateau National Park in south eastern Gabon, where lions were believed
to be locally extinct.