24 Feb

CBS 60 Minutes Shares ‘What Bob Simon Meant to the People He Interviewed'


Following the recent and tragic loss of legendary correspondent Bob Simon, CBS 60 Minutes has published a touching article on ‘What Bob Simon Meant to the People He Interviewed’.

20 Feb

Press Release: Colombia Reinstates Its Commitment to Jaguars


Bogotá – The jaguar was awarded renewed protection yesterday with the establishment of the second conservation agreement between the government of Colombia and Panthera, an organization dedicated to the preservation of wild cats around the globe.

19 Feb

NatGeo Interview on Marco Polo Sheep with Panthera’s VP Dr. George Schaller


Posted this week on David Braun’s National Geographic News Watch blog is an interesting interview with Panthera's Vice President and one of the founding fathers of wildlife conservation, Dr. George Schaller, on the world’s largest sheep - the Marco Polo sheep.

17 Feb

Sabin Snow Leopard Grants Program Launched


In partnership with The Andrew Sabin Family Foundation, Panthera is excited to announce the launch of the new Sabin Snow Leopard Grants Program. This new grants program will provide up to $100,000 a year to support in situ conservation projects for snow leopards across Asia.

12 Feb

Panthera Remembers Correspondent Bob Simon

It is with heavy hearts that our team at Panthera remembers Bob Simon, a CBS 60 Minutes correspondent, foreign reporter, an icon in the news world, and a champion for wildlife. Bob Simon and his producer Tom Anderson accompanied Panthera's Chairman, Dr. Thomas S. Kaplan, CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz and other staff to our project site in the Brazilian Pantanal in September 2010

12 Feb

The Dire Conservation Status of Lions in West and Central Africa


Besides elephants, lions are the quintessential symbol of wild Africa, used as icons of strength and power in national flags, coats of arms, historical and contemporary art, and logos of sports teams and private enterprises around the globe. However, few people realize that this iconic animal is under serious threat.

10 Feb

The Washington Post Reports on 'Tiger Tiger' Film Featuring Dr. Alan Rabinowitz


The Washington Post recently reported on the upcoming DC Environmental Film Festival and the new film 'Tiger Tiger,' featuring Panthera's CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, that will premiere on the East Coast in March.

05 Feb

‘A Boy and a Jaguar’ Wins American Library Association Book Award

As reported by The Los Angeles Times and CNN, the American Library Association has awarded 'A Boy and a Jaguar,' the 2014 children's book by Panthera's CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, the Schneider Family Book Award. Winning the Young Children's Book category, 'A Boy and a Jaguar' was selected as a book that “embodies an artistic expression of the disability experience.”

04 Feb

The Horseshoe Pride

By Dr. Paul Funston, Panthera’s Senior Director of Lion and Cheetah Programs

Leading the pack in terms of lions in the Zambezi Region of Namibia is the Horseshoe Pride. Living in the Kwando Core Area of Bwabwata National Park, the Horseshoe pride and its descendants are key to the recovery of lions in the Zambezi Region

02 Feb

Press Release: Ellen and Duncan McFarland Invest $1 Million to Protect Brazilian Jaguar Habitat


Panthera and Rainforest Trust Offer New Protection for the Jaguar and World's Largest Wetland

New York, NY - In time for World Wetlands Day, Panthera Board Member Duncan McFarland and his wife Ellen have committed $1 Million to a partnership between Panthera and Rainforest Trust to buy the Jofre Velho Ranch in the Brazilian Pantanal.