13 Dec

Panthera’s Dr. Howard Quigley Discusses Jaguars & Cougars on Wild About Pets


Panthera’s Executive Director of Jaguar Programs and Teton Cougar Project Director, Dr. Howard Quigley, was recently interviewed on the Wild About Pets radio show. Watch a pictorial video of this interview to learn about the Americas’ two biggest cats – jaguars and cougars. Find out what makes jaguars and cougars so remarkable and learn about the critical roles they play in balancing ecosystems for other animal species, and humans.

12 Dec

Just Released: Panthera CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz's Radio Interview on The Diane Rehm Show


Panthera CEO and world renowned tiger expert, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, was interviewed live this morning on The Diane Rehm Show. Listen to the interview podcast to hear what Dr. Rabinowitz has to say about the state of the world’s tigers, which have been reduced to just 3,200 individuals in the wild, the shortcomings of many tiger conservation programs, and the effective conservation strategies being implemented today through Panthera's Tigers Forever program to save the Endangered tiger. Dr. Rabinowitz was joined by Herb Raffaele, Chief of the U.S.

09 Dec

Panthera’s Media Events


As part of ‘Big Cat Week' starting this Sunday, National Geographic WILD will debut two new films featuring Panthera's jaguar projects in Belize and Brazil, and the Teton Cougar Project, run in partnership with Craighead Beringia South.

Tune in for Hunt for the Shadow Cat to travel with Panthera’s Jaguar Program Executive Director, Dr. Howard Quigley, and other wild cat scientists as they track jaguars in the Brazilian Pantanal.  This film will be aired Mon., Dec. 12, at 9pm et/pt and Thurs., Dec 15, at 10pm et/pt. 

09 Dec

Panthera’s Dr. Howard Quigley, to be Interviewed on Wild about Pets – Friday, Dec. 9, 1pm EST


Panthera’s Executive Director of Jaguar Programs and Teton Cougar Project Director, Dr. Howard Quigley, will be interviewed on the Wild About Pets radio show today at 1 p.m. EST (12 p.m. CDT). Tune in to hear Dr. Quigley discuss fascinating details about the Americas’ two largest cats – the jaguar and the cougar – including where they live, how they survive, reproduce, and interact with other large predators and human communities, and much more. Learn about common misconceptions about jaguars and cougars, the benefits of conserving these big cats, why they come into conflicts with humans, and what Panthera is doing to mitigate these conflicts.

06 Dec

Panthera Media Director Steve Winter Discusses the ‘Plight of the Tiger’ on NPR’s The Picture Show


Panthera’s Media Director, Steve Winter, was recently interviewed on NPR’s The Picture Show to share how he uses photography to raise awareness about the cataclysmic state of the world’s tigers, whose numbers have dropped to fewer than 3,200 individuals in the wild, and the critical conservation work being done by Panthera to save the tiger from extinction. Read about this, see photos of wild tigers taken by Winter, and learn about Steve’s encounters on the frontlines of tiger conservation in Indonesia and Thailand.

05 Dec

Examiner Interview with Panthera President Dr. Luke Hunter on His New Book, Carnivores of the World


Examiner.com has just released an interview with Panthera President Dr. Luke Hunter on his new book, Carnivores of the World the first comprehensive field guide to all 245 terrestrial species of true carnivores, from the majestic polar bear and predatory wild cats to the tiny least weasel. Read this interview to learn more about this field guide and find out what Dr. Hunter has to say about current debates in the U.S.

02 Dec

Panthera VP Dr. George Schaller Receives ‘India Earth Hero’ Lifetime Service Award from Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Magazine


We are proud to share that Panthera Vice President, Dr. George Schaller, has recently been honored with the Lifetime Service Award from Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Magazine. The 12th annual Sanctuary Wildlife Awards were held on Thursday, December 1st, to honor a select group of individuals who have devoted their lives to saving the world’s wildlife. In their press release, Sanctuary Asia stated that, “The awards have been constituted to recognize the best-in-the-field of wildlife conservation and to shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes who are defending the wilderness and thus the food and water security of the Indian subcontinent.”

01 Dec

Panthera Videos on TreeHugger: Jaguars and Giant Otters in the Brazilian Pantanal


TreeHugger recently posted a slideshow of Panthera’s photos and videos of giant otters and a jaguar taken in the Brazilian Pantanal, where Panthera is working to protect jaguars and their habitats through the Pantanal Jaguar Project. Watch families of giant otters, which typically range from 4-13 individuals, as they play, swim, ‘talk,’ and eat. Be sure to check out the videos of ‘baby’ giant otters and a beautiful male jaguar as he walks along a riverbank in the Pantanal.

30 Nov

Transcript of CNN Segment on Panthera’s ‘Faux Leopard Fur’ Project in South Africa


Just weeks ago, Panthera's 'faux leopard fur' project in South Africa, lead by Panthera Leopard Program Coordinator Tristan Dickerson, was featured on CNN's Saturday morning news program. CNN anchors T.J. Holmes and Nadia Bilchik discussed how Dickerson has developed an affordable and realistic faux leopard fur and is working with leaders of South Africa's Shembe Baptist Church to replace real leopard skins worn during cultural and religious celebrations by Shembe followers (approximately 5-11 million members currently exist). We are excited to share the following transcript of the CNN segment with you.

28 Nov

Christine & Urs Breitenmoser Receive 2011 Rabinowitz-Kaplan Prize for Excellence in Cat Conservation


Panthera is pleased to announce that the 2011 Rabinowitz-Kaplan Prize for Excellence in Cat Conservation has been awarded to wildlife conservationists Urs Breitenmoser and Christine Breitenmoser-Würsten. This prize is awarded biennially to senior conservationists who have dedicated their lives to the conservation of wild cats. This year, Panthera acknowledges a couple that has devoted their careers to advancing science and the conservation of wild cats, and who