12 Aug

Panthera Conservation Council Member Jane Alexander Named Honorary Chair for 2012 Indianapolis Prize

Indianapolis Prize Logo

The Indianapolis Prize recently announced its honorary chairs for 2012, which includes actress Jane Alexander who also serves as a member of Panthera’s Conservation Council - an expert advisory board that contributes to the direction of Panthera and the implementation of Panthera’s mission.

08 Aug

Video: A Jaguar Bath

See video

This short video clip shows a beautiful jaguar grooming himself on a riverbank in the Pantanal – a region in western Brazil, on the border with Bolivia and Paraguay, that is home to the world’s largest wetland and the highest density of jaguars. The video was taken during the filming of My Pantanal – a short Panthera film told through the eyes of a 10 year old boy, Aerenilso, who lives on a conservation ranch in the Pantanal. With as many as 2,500 ‘fazendas’, or ranches, the Pantanal is home to nearly eight million cattle, and is therefore also a hotbed for conflict between local ranchers and jaguars.

04 Aug

Fighting 'Fire Season' in Belize


Panthera’s Jaguar Corridor Initiative spans 13 of the 18 jaguar range states in Latin America. One of these being Belize - home of the Central Belize Corridor that serves as the critical link between jaguar populations in Mexico and Guatemala, and all jaguar populations south of Belize. Situated on the Caribbean Sea, Belize experiences a rainy or ‘green’ season, from June to November, and a ‘dry’ season from November to May, which locals have fittingly called the ‘fire season.’

29 Jul

Panthera Cougar Expert Dr. Howard Quigley on ‘Animal Altruism’

Cougar in Tree

Yesterday, the Jackson Hole News & Guide reported on what many are calling a prime example of ‘animal altruism’ – the swapping of a grizzly bear cub by two grizzly mothers (identified with the numbers ‘610’ and ‘399’) in Grand Teton National Park.  Last week, biologists were surprised to discover that a grizzly bear (’610’) with two cubs of her own had adopted one of three of her mother’s cubs (‘399’).  While scientists continue to propose theories about why this swap occurred, including a potentially dangerous run-in between grizzly bear ‘399’ and a local male grizzly bear, Panthera’s Executive Director of the Jaguar Program and cougar expert, Dr

26 Jul

Panthera Featured in New York Times: 'A Forbidding Kingdom of Snow Leopards'

Panthera / Snow Leopard Trust

The New York Times has just released an article entitled A Forbidding Kingdom of Snow Leopards that features Panthera's conservation initiatives (specifically in Mongolia where Panthera works with the Snow Leopard Trust) to protect the snow leopard.     

25 Jul

WCS Takes First Camera Trap Images of Snow Leopards in Afghanistan

Camera trap image of snow leopard 2009

Scientists with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) have captured the first camera trap images of snow leopards in the mountainous region of northeastern Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor, as reported by the Environment News Service.  These images serve as a sign of hope for the endangered snow leopard in Afghanistan and throughout Asia, where they are currently estimated to number between 3,500-7,000.  

20 Jul

Panthera President Dr. Luke Hunter on ‘How to Save the Tiger,’ as featured on Mongabay


Read a compelling article by Panthera’s President Dr. Luke Hunter on ‘How to Save the Tiger,’ currently featured on Mongabay.com, to learn about how and why the tiger is vanishing across Asia, and what must be done, and what Panthera and Save the Tiger Fund are doing to save one of the world’s most iconic species from extinction (tiger numbers are estimated at fewer than 3,200 individuals). Learn why we are losing the tiger due to poaching for the illegal wildlife market and read what Dr. Hunter says is the only solution to locking up core, breeding tiger populations.

18 Jul

Just Released: Panthera’s July Newsletter


Panthera’s July 2011 newsletter has just been released! Read about Panthera’s newest partnership with Save the Tiger Fund and Panthera Board Member J. Michael Cline’s contributions to tiger conservation, including his successful efforts to develop an enhanced camera trap model as featured in The Wall Street Journal. Also be sure to check out our stories on snow leopard cub research in Mongolia (which includes videos and photos of wild snow leopard cubs!), Panthera CEO Dr.

15 Jul

Panthera Congratulates Thai Government on Arresting Tiger Poachers

Patrol Team

A group of poachers were recently apprehended by Thai officials because of evidence they abandoned after being discovered, and surprised, by a wildlife patrol team in Thailand’s Western Forest Province. (Huai Kha Khaeng in the Western Forest Complex was one of Panthera's founding Tigers Forever sites, and has been one of the most successful in conserving tigers.) Among other items, the poachers left behind a cell phone containing photos of themselves with a dead tiger, and photos of them trafficking ivory. These images have subsequently been used in their prosecution.

12 Jul

Traveling to Tajikistan in a TEAmbulance to Support Panthera


One of Panthera’s ultimate fans, Jeremy Aylmer, has just embarked on an ambulance & tea odyssey from London to the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan in a TEAmbulance, and is working to raise £2,000 to support Panthera’s wild cat conservation programs along the way! Jeremy and the TEAmbulance team will drive across Europe and along the ancient Silk Road, crossing multiple borders, scorching deserts and majestic mountains, all the while making friends and sharing cups of tea in typical English fashion with those they meet on the journey. After reaching their destination, the TEAmbulance team will donate their much-needed ambulance to a local hospital in Tajikistan.